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Why is the Earth's climate colder at the poles?
The suns ray hit the poles at an angle
In the 1930s, the Great Plains in the United States was nicknamed the Dust Bowl due to
a drought that drove farmers off their land
How did the Mississippi River affect nineteenth century commerce in the United States?
It provided an efficient method of transporting goods
The Internet has increased interaction among people of different regions of the world by improving
instant communication
The Amazon Basin is an equatorial region that receives approximately 80 inches of rainfall per year and is the drainage basin for the Amazon River. This region is remarkable for its
diversity of plants and animals
Why is it important for governments to take steps to conserve their nations' natural resources?
Natural resources are critical to economic welfare
Which feature is part of the biosphere?
The non-living parts of the Arctic Ocean, the Ganges River, and Lake Pontchartrain are all part of Earth's
Which technological advance helps prevent flooding?
Deforestation is the intentional or unintentional destruction of natural-growth forest. Deforestation has been an issue for environmental activists for decades. One of the major causes of deforestation is
agriculture and cattle raising
Which geographic feature greatly accelerated the settlement of California in the mid-1800s?
the presence of mineral deposits
The 1940s saw the introduction of synthetic chemical pesticides in agriculture. Over time, many agricultural pests have become resistant to these pesticides. One practical and long-term method of countering this threat is to
encourage crop management based on the properties of a farm's ecosystem.
In recent decades, in which way have space satellites most significantly changed communication between regions?
They help relay information from media sources clearer and faster.
Central America is periodically disturbed by the shifting of continental plates. What does this suggest about risk factors in Central America?
There is a high risk of earthquakes
Why does Earth's climate tend to be warmest near the equator?
The Sun's rays shine most directly toward the equator
In the 1800s, European settlers came in large numbers to the American Midwest in search of prosperity. What geographic features led to heavy settlement in this region?
fertile prairies
As the U.S. population grows, the use of groundwater in the western states will also increase mainly due to
the need to irrigate semiarid farmland for raising crops.
Water usage is a growing area of environmental concern. Worldwide shortages of available freshwater have resulted in
an increase in the spread of infectious diseases.
Soil erosion is a serious problem in semi-arid regions because it threatens crop production and can lead to famine. Which action can be a possible solution to the problem of erosion?
planting trees to hold back advancing desert areas
Natural resources are being depleted, and there is growing concern over what will happen as they continue to diminish. Why are environmentalists more concerned about "nonrenewable" resources than other kinds of resources?
Nonrenewable resources take a very long time to replenish naturally.
Approximately 70% of the energy needs in some countries are met by burning wood, which causes deforestation and harms the environment. Which alternative energy source would have the least impact on the environment?
solar cells
In the 1840s, telegraph poles and wires began crowding the rural and urban landscapes of nations around the world. Which type of power was most directly responsible for making the telegraph possible?
Man-made chemicals can be found in surface water and groundwater. For human consumption, the biggest issue with the chemicals in most water is
Wave action can erode shorelines. As a result, wave action can result in
the loss of private property.
In a debate about a type of mining called mountaintop removal, a supporter of the practice claims that the unwanted dirt and rock poured into adjacent valleys does not harm the environment. Which point would best counter that claim?
The unwanted dirt and rock can harm fragile ecosystems.
A city lies on a fault line but has not experienced a major earthquake for many years. Which action would be best for the city to take now to prevent property damage during a possible earthquake in the future?
Design structures that can withstand extreme stress.
Which technology was not directly made possible by the invention of the steam engine?
hydroelectric dams
Prior to the construction of the Panama Canal, the 1903 Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty gave the United States permanent control of the Canal Zone for a one-time payment of $10 million plus an annual fee of $250,000. In 1964, Panamanians rioted over this treaty. What was the basis of their objection?
They believed that sovereignty over the Canal Zone should be returned to Panama.
Many steel companies and other manufacturers are based in the Northeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic states. This area was labeled the "Rust Belt" in the 1970s as a result of which factor?
Numerous factories closed down.
Which nickname belongs to a region in the United States known for its rich soil and a climate advantageous to farming?
Bread Basket
The South American country of Brazil was a colony of Portugal for over three hundred years. This information best supports the conclusion that
Brazil has been strongly influenced by Portuguese culture.
Which ocean is located directly to the west of Africa?
Atlantic Ocean
To which component of Earth's physical systems does Antarctic glacier ice belong?
To which component of Earth's physical systems does igneous rock belong?
What is the primary way in which the Panama Canal increased interaction among regions of the world?
making many destinations more accessible by ship
Which strategy would be most effective for minimizing injuries caused by tornadoes?
Implement early forecasting systems.
Which statement is true about the parties to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)?
Their territories are adjacent to each other
The Spanish conquistadors claimed much land in the Americas for Spain, but their real motivation was to enrich the Spanish empire with gold and silver, natural resources that were relatively plentiful in the Americas. In their quest for these precious metals, the conquistadors took all of these actions except:
convincing Montezuma II to raise an army to help with their search for gold and silver
Numerous wars have been fought over control of the city of Jerusalem due to concern about which cultural factor?
significant religious sites
The Crusades were a series of wars waged by much of Latin Christian Europe, particularly the Franks of France and the Holy Roman Empire. They were fought over a period of nearly 200 years, between 1095 and 1291. A major regional factor influencing the Crusades was the distribution of
The National Park Service was founded in 1916 and is dedicated to protecting land and wildlife. The National Park Service now includes over eighty-four million acres of protected land. Which conclusion does this information support?
The government has had a major impact on wilderness conservation.
The Nile River helped the Ancient Egyptian civilization develop by
providing a major transportation route.
Why does the United States import certain products that it is capable of producing?
The United States knows other countries can produce goods at lower costs.
When New Orleans was acquired as part of the Louisiana Purchase, the city's importance as a trade center grew because key inland valleys in existing U.S. territory were connected to the city by
Which type of map is most useful for locating major industries in a country?
economic activity map
What geographic phenomenon creates the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean?
tectonic plate movement
Which physical characteristic is not a reason early human societies settled on floodplains?
natural levees
In the eighteenth century, Britain's struggle with France to colonize India was motivated mainly by
the demand for inexpensive Indian cotton.
How did the formation and progress of the European Union lead to increased cooperation among member nations?
by establishing a single market economy and a single form of currency
Why were trading posts and general stores established throughout the western United States during the gold rush?
They made profits by stocking supplies needed to equip miners.
Since the end of apartheid in 1994, South Africa's gross domestic product has increased significantly to $10,100 per capita. The country has abundant natural resources and a financial profile that position it at the middle-income level worldwide. From an economic perspective, South Africa can best be described as
a newly industrialized nation with good economic prospects.
In which part of the world are traditional economies most common?
Sub-Saharan Africa
What causes the area inside the Arctic Circle to experience 24-hour daylight during the June solstice?
Earth's axis tilts the north pole toward the Sun.
Many immigrants who came to North America in the nineteenth century settled in the American Midwest and the Canadian prairies. Which pull factor most likely brought immigrants to these specific areas?
farming opportunities
In 1960, about 22% of the Brazilian population lived in cities. By 1995, this figure rose to over 75%. What was the most significant cause of this change in Brazil?
the continued industrialization of the country
In 1959, Cuba underwent a revolution and adopted a new economic system. How did this affect relations between Cuba and the United States?
Cuba's new economic system and choice of allies led to conflict with the United States.
What physical feature of Vietnam was most useful to guerilla fighters' tactics during the Vietnam War?
dense forests
Several regions, including Egypt, Sumer, and India, have been called "the cradle of civilization." Which sentence best describes why these regions have this label?
They gave rise to major societies in ancient times.
Which geographic feature made Italy a leader in trade during the Renaissance?
access to the Mediterranean Sea
What was a prevailing push factor in the Mormon migration from Illinois to Utah?
escape from persecution