10 terms

Roots Classwork #7B: Strain, Strict, String Words

astringent (n)
a substance used on skin to make the skin tight
boa constrictor (n)
a snake that kills its prey by squeezing it tightly
constrict (v)
to hold in; to make smaller; to squeeze or bind to make smaller
district (v)
a region or area that is bound together by specific rules, laws, resources, and/or money
restrain (v)
to hold back; to keep under control; to limit; to draw tight by force
restricted (adj)
bound by limits; kept within certain rules
strain (v)
to draw or stretch tight beyond the normal limits
strainer (n)
a device used for letting the water leave the food so the food is drawn together
string (n)
a thin piece of twisted fiber that can be used to tie things together
stringent (adj)
demanding strict attention to rules; rigid; having a tight set of rules