10 terms

Roots Classwork #8A: Ter, Terra, Geo Words

extraterrestrial (adj)
out of this world; above and beyond what is found on planet Earth
geode (n)
a hollow stone found on the earth that is lined on the inside with crystals
geographer (n)
a person who studies the regions of the earth, including the climates and natural resources
geography (n)
the science of the earth that deals with the regions or places on the planet's surface
geology (n)
the study of the earth, specifically rocks and the planet's crust
mediterranean (adj)
almost or completely surrounded by land
subterranean (adj)
under the surface of the earth; underground
terra cotta (n)
baked earth; hard, brownish-red pottery
terrace (n)
a raised, flat mound of earth (dirt) that looks like a platform with sloping sides
territory (n)
an area, region or piece of land