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Roots Classwork #8B: Naut, Naus, Nav Words

Argonaut (n)
A small floating octopus; a man that accompanied the hero Jason on his quest for the Golden Fleece on the ship the Argo.
astronaut (n)
a person who is trained to travel to outer space
circumnavigate (v)
to travel around the earth or water or in the air
cosmonaut (n)
a person from the Soviet Union who was trained to travel into outer space
nauseous (adj)
affected with a feeling of sickness in the stomach that feels like sea sickness
nautical (adj)
related to sailing, sailors or ships
navigable (adj)
wide or deep enough for ships to be able to pass through
navigate (v)
to steer or direct a ship or airplane
navigator (n)
a person who is trained to plan the course of and drive a ship
navy (n)
a fleet of ships; all the warships of a nation