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When we refer to someone's intelligence quotient as if it were a fixed and objectively real trait such height, we commit a reasoning error called


The ability to learn form experience, solve problems, and use knowledge to adapt to new situations is know as


The sort of problem solving that demonstrates "school smarts" is what researches have historically assessed in their test of intelligence


Those who emphasize the importance of the g factor would be most likely to encourage

quantifying intelligence with a single numerical score

A statistical procedure that identifies clusters of related test items that seem to tap a common ability is called

factor analysis

Factor analysis has been used to assess whether

difference in intellectual ability exist between groups of individuals

A person who demonstrates an exceptional specific mental skill while otherwise remaining very limited intellectual capacity is said to show signs of

savant syndrome

Psychological tests show that 18-year-old Isaiah has an intelligence score of 65. Nevertheless, Isaiah can, with a few seconds of mental calculation, accurately tell the day of the week on which Christmas falls for any year in this century. It would be fair to conclude that

Isaiah is a person with savant syndrome

Whenever Arlo reminded himself that his musical skills could earn him fame and fortune, he became less creative in his musical performance. This best illustrates that creativity may be inhibited by

extrinsic motivation

Emotional intelligence is a critical component of


Environmental stimulation during childhood often contributes to the development of intelligence by altering the circuitry of the brain. This alteration illustrates

neural plasticity

Encouraging those of high intellectual ability to make with one anther was of most interest to

Alfred Binet

The French government commissioned Binet to develop an intelligence test that would

demonstrate the innate intellectual superiority of western European races

Binet used the term mental age to refer to

the chronological age that most typically corresponds to given level of intelligence test performance

A 6-year-old who responded to the original Stanford-Binet with the proficiency typical of an average 8-year-old was said to have an IQ of


A survey of the history of intelligence testing reinforces the important lesson that

although science strives for objectivity, scientists can be influenced by their personal biases

Aptitude tests are specifically designed to

predict ability to learn new skill

Molly has just taken a test of her capacity to learn to be a computer programmer. This is an example of an


When a person's test performance can be compared with that of a representative and pretested sample of people, the test is said to be


A bell-shaped curve that characterizes a lard sample of intelligence test scores is a graphic representation of a

normal distribution

The widespread improvement in intelligence test performance during the part century is called

the Flynn effect

The Flynn effect best illustrates that the process of intelligence testing requires up-to-date

standardization samples

A test is reliable if it

yields dependably consistent scores

Dr. Bronfman has administered her new 100-item test of abstract reasoning to a large sample of students. She is presently comparing their scores on the odd-numbered questions with those on the even-numbered questions in an effort to

determine the test's reliability

After learning about his low score on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Gunter complained, "I don't believe that test is a measure of intelligence at all." Gunter's statement is equivalent to saying that the WAIS lacks


A condition involving mental retardation caused by an extra chromosome in one's genetic makeup is known as

down syndrome

Terman observed that children with IQ scores over 135 are likely to

be academically successful

Research on the determinants of intelligence indicates that

both genes and environment have some influence on intelligence scores

The impact of early environment influences on the intelligence is most apparent among young children who experience

savant syndrome

On which of the following tasks are males most likely to outperform females?

mentally rotating three-dimenional objects

Intelligence tests are most likely to be condiered culturally biased in terms of their

content validity

Self-fulfillinf expectations are most likely to be triggered by

stereotype threat

Blacks have been found to score lower on tests of verbal aptitude when tested by whites than when tested by Blacks. The is illustrates the impact of

stereotype threat

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