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27 Amendment + Tricks for Memorization


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1st amendment
Religion--1 finger to sky, Assembly--1 finger motions to come here, Speech--1 finger to your lips, Press--1 finger as if you are "press"ing a button, Petition--1 finger as if you are signing
2nd amendment
Right to bear arms; bears have 2 arms, 2 fingers make a finger gun
3rd amendment
No quartering of troops unless there is war; 3's a crowd (it would be crowded if soldiers came and stayed at your house)
4th amendment
No search without a warrant; We searched 4 a warrant. 4 Fingers to knock on a door.
5th amendment
Right to grand jury, indictment, no double jeopardy--five fingers holding a jeopardy buzzer, freedom from self-incrimination--five fingers over your mouth, due process of law;
6th amendment
Fair and speedy trial; Point to the watch on your wrist
7th amendment
Jury trial in civil cases; There are 27 Amendments and 7 deals with $20
8th amendment
No cruel and unusual punishment; Imagine 8 as a pair of handcuffs. Imagine the government cut off your thumbs--only 8 fingers left
9th amendment
Rights not specifically mentioned in the Constitution should not be assumed not to exist; #9 makes more rights mine
10th amendment
Rights of the states (not written in constitution, nor prohibited --> reserved for states); federal government power is only what is writTEN down in the constitution
11th amendment
Prohibits citizens of one state or foreign country from suing another state.; - the 1's are equal and so are states and they can't sue each other
12th amendment
The seperation of the president and vice president onto two different ballots--President is #1, VP is #2
13th amendment
Slavery abolished; - at 13 you become a free man
14th amendment
Equal protection under law and due process of law; It abolishes the 3/5 Compromise and 4 is between 3 and 5.
15th amendment
Right to vote shall not be abridged because of color or previous servitude; 15 wrote that blacks can vote
16th amendment
Income tax; At 16 you get a job & pay income tax
17th amendment
Voters elect senators; Seventeen-Senators both "SE"- allows voters rather than state legislators to vote for the senators
18th amendment
Prohibition; No alcohol if you're 18.
19th amendment
Women's suffrage; At 19 you're already a woman, so you can vote
20th amendment
Lame Duck Amendment; Moved inauguration date to January 20.
21st amendment
Prohibition repealed; You can drink if you're 21
22nd amendment
President term limits; Limits the president to(2) two(2) terms.
23rd amendment
Washington DC suffrage; 2 Washington DC goes 3 Votes
24th amendment
Poll taxes abolished; no poll tax at the door
25th amendment
Presidential succession; 25--the 5 looks like a wheelchair--if the President is killed/injured, the VP takes over
26th amendment
Voting at age 18; 2+6=8teen
27th amendment
Congressional pay raises; the 27th amendment is the last amendment, and a pay raise for congress is the last thing we want.