21 terms

Lesson 2.5 Quiz Practice

when you get drunk
When is drinking wine a sin?
on Wednesday
According to Jewish customs, when did Jewish brides get married
Was Cana a large or small city?
6 out of 6
How many pots did the servants fill with water?
8 7/8
1 "Firkin" is how many gallons?
In what city did the first miracle of Jesus happen?
What region is Cana found in?
We are born with an empty spot inside us that only Jesus can fill.
What is the fundamental problem with mankind?
drugs, alcohol, sex, money, pleasure, things, power, work
What kind of things do humans try to fill the emptiness inside them with?
the governor of the feast
Who was in charge of keeping order at the Wedding?
I'm concerned with heavenly matters now not earthly matters.
What was Jesus really trying to say to Mary when he said, "What does this have to do with me?"
they are empty and made of stone
What are the problems with the water pots?
they ran out of wine
What was the main problem at the wedding?
2 Wine Theory
What theory teaches there were multiple types of wine in Israel during Jesus' day?
Greek unit of measurement for liquids
What is a "firkin"?
What unit of measure was used to indicate the size of the water pots?
Were the servants obedient to Jesus' instructions?
to manifest God's Glory
Why did Jesus perform this miracle?
Souls are saved and lives are filled with joy. New life begins. God's Glory is made known.
What are the results when we partner with Jesus in His work?
Bring the water pots to Him. Fill the water pots with water. Take the wine to the governor.
What instructions did Jesus give the servants?
Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days.
What was the possible significance of Jesus doing this first miracle on the third day of the week?