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Ch. 22

During the early modern age, which of the following non-Euorpean peoples explored the Indian ocean?
Which of the following was not one of the main inspirations for European exploration:
The desire to conquer China and India
The first Euorpean nation to dominate trade with Asia was:
Which of the following was not a reason for the European interest in finding a maritime trade route?
Mongol domination had caused trade along the silk road to stop
The Portuguese viewed the Atlantic ocean islands as the perfect location for the cultiation of:
The Reconquista came to an end in 1492 when:
the Muslim kingdom of Granada fell to spanish catholic forces
The astrolabe was designed to measure:
wind wheels:
are a circular wind patterns whose discovery aided sailing
The Volta Do Mar:
relied on a thorough knowledge of wind patterns
The economic sustem that dominated European thinking from 15th to 16th centuries was:
The first European to sail around the Cape of Good Hope was:
Bartolomeu Dias
The profitable merchandise taht Vasco do Gama purchased in India was:
pepper and cinnamon
On October 1492, Columbus made a landfall on an island that the native Aios called:
The first European to sight the Pacific ocean owas;
On his circumnavagation of the world was completed in 1522 by:
The portuguese dominance of trade was dependant on thier ability to force merchant ships:
to call at fortified trading sites and pay duties
Hormuz, goa and Melaka were a seized in the early 1500's by Aborqurque in the end, Protugal was uable to maintain its early domination of trade because:
it's a small country with a small population
Which of the following was not an advantage to the English and Dutch over the Portuguese:
they had much better captains
The VOC was the:
United East India Company
The most prosperous country in Europe in the 17th century was:
the Netherlands
The center of the Spanish commercial activity in Aia was:
Under Spanish rule of the Philippines, the native population:
was pressured to convert to Roman Catholicism
Russian merchants and explorers began the expansion into siberia in the quest for:
The country that finished the seven year's war with global hegemony was
In the long term, the Columbian exchange:
increased the population of the world becoause of the spread of new food crops
The 1500 to1800, the largest continent fo migrants consisted of:
enslaved Africans
Lateen sails had the advantage of:
working better in closs-winds
all of the following were examples of mercantile policy except:
government efforts to increase the wages of craftsmen
The unclaimed world was divided between Spain and Portugal in 1494 when Pope Alexander VI:
drew the line of demarcation on a world map