9 terms

Ch. 23

Luther's initial stimulus fro formulating the ninety five theses was:
the sale of indulgences
The catholic church dramatically pushed the sale of indulgences in the sixteenth century because of the need to:
raise funds for the costruction of St. Peters
Which one of the following was not one of Luther's problems with the Roman catholic church?
the church's decision to translate the bible into vernacular languages
Who said, "I cannot a dwill not recant anything, for it is neither safe nore right to act against..."
Martin Luther
In the centuries following the fall of the Roman Empire, the only unifying force for all of Europe was:
the catholic church
The event that insired Henry VIII to confront the pope was:
Henry's desire to gain a divorce
The author of the Institutes of the Christian religion was:
The city that stood as John Calvin's model Protestant community was:
Which of the following was not one of the pillars of the catholic reformation:
the religiousfervor of the Renaissance popes