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Organizational Behavior Chapter 13: Power and Politics


__________ is the ability to influence the behavior of others.


_________ is NOT implied in the definition of power.

is a function of dependency

The MOST important aspect of power is probably that it __________.


A person can have power over you ONLY if he/she has control of something you _________.


Power does NOT require goal compatibility, merely _________.


__________ requires some CONGRUENCE between goals of the leader and those being led.

downward influence

Leadership focuses on the __________ of a leader on his or her followers.

tactics for gaining compliance

Unlike leadership research, research on power tends to focus on ____________.

personal and formal

The two general groupings of power are _________.

coercive power

One reacts to ___________ out of fear of the negative ramifications that might result if one fails to comply.


When a bank robber points a gun at a bank employee, his base of power is ________.


The opposite of coercive power is ________ power. Ex. getting a raise for performing additional work beyond the requirements for your job.


_________ power is based on STRUCTURAL POSITION. Requires acceptance of the leader's authority by members of the org.


________ power is related to an individual's unique characteristics. MOST EFFECTIVE AND IMPORTANT.


________ power is based on identification with a person who has desirable resources or personal traits. Ex. Celebrities


________ power; example would be a physician advising you to take medications.

Power legitimacy

________ is LEAST likely to create dependency.


______ is NOT a power tactic.

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