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C.) 2500 yr old Sequoia tree

The largest plant on Earth is a?

C.) Dicots

The vast majority of living plant species are?

C.) 4 or 5

Dicot flower parts usually occur in multiples of?

E.) A fibrous root systemq

Which of the following is a charectaristic of Monocots

C.) The part of the stem where the leaf attaches is called a internom

Which is false?

A.) Stems leaves and roots

The vegetative, or non producing parts of a plant include?

D.) Increased growth of the axillary buds

Removing the terminal bud of a plant that shows apical dominance will cause...?

15 C.) Heartwood contains older Xylem that no longer transports water and minerals while sapwood contains younger xylem that still conducts xylem sap.

What is the differance between Hartwood and Sapwood of a tree?

C.) Stamen

The male organ of a flower is?

A.) Petals

In a typical flower such as a magnolia or rose, the flower parts that play a main role in attracting the notice of animal pollinators are the?

D.) Ovaries

Flowers bear seeds in protective chambers called

D.) Ovules

In a flowering plant eggs are produced by meiosis in the

D.) Double fertilization

In angiosperms the process of ____ ensures that the endosperm will develop only in ovules containing a fertilized egg?

D.) Ovule

A seed is a mature

C.) A single flower that has more than one carpel

An agregate fruit develops from?

C.) An entire pea pod represents an agregate fruit.

Which one is false?

C.) Root

WHich of the following structures is the first to emerge from a germinating dicot seed?

B.) Roots

WHich of the followin plant parts most contributes to asexual reproduction?

D.) In a ring

In a dicot stem the vascular bundles are usually arranged

C.) exhibit secondary growth

Most monocots do not

E.) flowering

Angiosperms are _____ plants

B.) Pollination

_____ is the first event in seed formation.

A.) gaurd cells

Which of the following plant cells help regulate the movement of CO2 into and out of a leaf?

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