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Which form of electromagnetic radiation has the longest wavelengths

Radio waves

Which of the following frequencies corresponds to light with the longest wavelength

4.12 * 10^5 s^-1

A line in the spectrum of atomic mercury has a wavelength of 256 nm. When mercyry emits a photon of light at this wavelength, the frequency of this light is

1.17 *10^15 s^-1

Green light can have a wavelength of 503 nm. The energy of a photon of this light is

3.95 * 10-19 J

Consider an atom traveling at 1% of the speed of light. The de Broglie wavelength is found to be 1.46 * 10-3 pm. Which element is this?


Which one of the following types of radiation has the shortest wavelength, the greatest energy, and the highest frequency?

Ultraviolet radiation

The four lines observed in the visible emossion spectrum of hydrogen tell us that:

Only certain energies are allowed for the electron in a hydrogen atom

What is the energy of a photon of violet light that has a wavelength of 423 nm?

4.70 * 10-19 J

For which of the following transitions does the light emitted have the longest wavelength?

n = 4 to n = 3

In the hydrogen spectrum, what is the wavelength of light associated with the n = 4 to n = 1 electron transition?

9.73 * 10-8 m

Electrons have wave properties


Electromagnetic radiation has wave characteristics


Electrons in atoms have quantized energies

Emission spectrum of hydrogen

Spacing between atoms in a crystal is on the same order as the de Broglie wavelength of accelerated electrons.


What is the wavelength of light that is emitted when an excited electron in the hydrogen atom falls from n=5 to n=3?

1.28 * 10-6 m

Which of the following is a reasonable criticism of the Bohr model of the atom?

It does not adequately predict the ionization energy of the valence electron(s) for elements other than hydrogen

In Bohr's atomic theory, when an electron moves from one erergy level to another energy level more distant from the nucleus

Energy is absorbed

Which of following statements best describes the Heisenberg uncertainty pronciple?

It is impossible to accurately know both the exact location and momentum of a particle.

Which of the following best describes an orbital?

the space in an atom where an electron is most likely to be found

Which of the following is not determined by the principle quantum number, n, of the electron in a hydrogen atom?

The size of the corresponding atomic orbital(s)

How many f orbitals have the value n = 2?


A given set of p orbitals consists of 3 orbitals.


Which of the following is an incorrect designation for an atomic orbital?


The number of orbitals having a given value of l is equal to

2l + 1

A point in the wave function where the amplitude is zero defines

the node

How many electrons in an atom can have the quantum numbers n =3, l = 2?


How many electrons can be contained in all of the orbitals with n=4?


What is the l quantum number for a 4p orbital?


Which of the following could not be a valid m(sub)1 quantum number for a 4d orbital?


How many electrons in an atom can have the quantum numbers n=4, l=2?


Which of the following combinations of quantum numbers (n, l, m(sub)1, m(sub)s do not represent permissible solutions of the Schrodinger equation fot the electron in the hydrogen atom (i.e.,which combination of quantum numbers is not allowed)?


Which of the following combinations of quantum numbers is not allowed?


The small, but important, energy differences between 3s,3p, and 3d orbitals are due mainly to

the penetration effect

Who was the first chemist to recognize patterns in chemical properties of the elements?


Mendeleev is given the most credit for the concept of a periodic table of the elements because

He emphasized its usefulness in predicting the existence and properties of unknown elements

Which of the following atoms or ions has three unpaired electrons?


The electron configuration for the barium atom is:


The electron configuration for the carbon atom is:

ls^2 2s^2 2p^2

The statement that "the lowest energy configuration for an atom is the one having the maximum number of unpaired electrons allowed by the Pauli principle in a particular set of degenerate orbitals" is known as

Hund's Rule

An element has the electron congfiguration [Kr] 5s^2 4d^10 5p^2. The element is a(n)


An element with the electron configuration [Xe] 6s^2 4f ^14 5d^7

transition elements

Ti has ______in its d orbitals

two electrons

Germanium has _______in its 4p orbitals

two electrons

An atom of fluorine contains nine electrons. How many of these electrons are in s orbitals?


Of the following elements, which has occupied d orbitals in its ground state neutral atoms?


Of the following elements, which needs three electrons to complete its valence shell?


Which of the following electron configurations is correct?

Bi: [Xe]6s^2 4f^14 5d^10 6p^3

Which of the following atoms has three electrons in p orbitals in its valence shell?


For which of the following elements does the electron configuration for the lowest energy state show a partially fill d orbital?


Order the elements S, Cl, and F in terms of increasing ionization energy.

S, Cl, F

Order the elements S, Cl and F in terms of increasing atomic radii.


Which of the following exhibits the correct orders for both atomic radius and ionization energy, respectively? (smallest to largest)

F, O, S,and S,O, F

List the following atom in order of increasing ionization energy: Li,Na,C,O,F.


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