Western Civilization - History 101 - Ch. 4 Quiz

In order to fight a war with Carthage, the Romans
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Roman children werecarefully shaped and disciplined to be obedient and embody Roman valuesWhich of the following is NOT true of slavery in ancient Rome?****-slaves were unable to earn money through their labor*** -slaves included persons used as teachers and physicians -there were major slave uprisings -roman wars brought in so many slaves that the structure of Roman society changedThe First Punic War began with a struggle over the city of Messana, insicilyAt the end of the First Punic War, the Romans acquiredsicilyThe city of Carthagehad an extensive trading network in the Mediterranean and AfricaThe First Triumviratewas a political alliance of Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus to bypass most of the formal Roman political structureThe traditional soldier in the Roman army was atax-paying citizen of RomeThe most serious slave revolt in Roman history took place in 73 B.C.E., when 70,000 slaves revolted under the leadership ofspartacusThe Gracchi brothers attempted to redistribute land and make jobs for the poor becausethe Roman army needed small citizen farmers and taxpayers to fill its ranksOne abusive practice of Roman rule over foreign provinces wasallowing tax contractors to extract more taxes than had been assessedWhich of the following reforms did Caesar NOT carry out when he took power?****-reestablishing the Senate and consuls as the chief Roman authorities**** -introducing a new calendar of 365 days and a leap year every four years -improving grain distribution to the people, and instigating public works for jobs -establishing Roman colonies for poor, landless citizensRoman religion wasfilled with individual gods and goddesses for practically everything