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Double ABCX model

resiliency theory
incorporated abcx model--- stress model
steps of the model
A(stressor)-> B(resources)/C(preception) -> X(crisis) -> coping B(existin and new reosurces)/ A(pile up) / C (perception) / X (adaptation)
A (stressor)
new family members, family dismemberment, deliberate changes in family structure, demoralization in the family, sudden change in status, natural catastrophe
, B factor
family crisis meeting resources, refers to the ability of the family to prevent the stressor from creating a crisis or breakdown.
C factor
the family`s definition of the crisis event, is as important as both integration and adaptability
X factor
the stress the family experiences thus reflects its concern that its resources may not be equal to the demands, when this concern is valid, crisis results, and the family is to some degree disrupted, disorganized, or incapacitated