Advertising ch. 9

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collateral materialsBrochures/other product material for support of adv, PR or sales promotion efforcopywriterperson who writes ad textdirect action headlineinformative, leads to some kind of consumer actiondisplay copytype in larger sizes to attract reader's attentionfeature storieshuman interest media, in contract to hard newshigh context culturesmeaning of a message is dependent on context curesimage transferpresentation of something in one medium spurs consumer recall of another mediumindirect action headlinecaptures attention even though info is noncomprehensivejinglecommercials set to musickey framevisual viewers remember when they recall the commercialkey visualimag that conveys the heart of the conceptkey wordsword/phrase searched in an engine to find relevant websiteslead paragraphstimulates readers interest in the body copylow context cultresmeaning of a message isn't necessary to consider cultural context, it's obviousnews releasesprimary medium to deliver PR to mediaoff cameraTV voice from an unseen speakeron locationcommercials shot outside the studiooverlinestext that prepares for the copy headlinepacehow fast/slow the action progresses in a commericalphotoboardmockup of TV with still photos for framesradio scriptwritten version used to prepare for the actual commercialscenescommericals with action segments in a specific locationslogansfrequently repeated phrases that provide a continuity to the adv campaignsound efectslifelike imitations of soundssubheadssectional headlines to break up "gray" copy typetaglinesummaries of the ad's messagetalentpeople who appear in TV commericalstelevision series???theater of the mindstory is visualized in the imagination in radiotone of voicead copy is written as a convo/announcement and voices have aemotional cuesunderlinestext elaborating headlines and transitions into copyvoice overoff camera announcer talks avout the oncamera scheneyou-name-here copycorporate comm with generic, non-differentiational claims