Advertising ch. 10

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die cutcut images by a sharp-edged stampdigitizationart into computer-readable imagesdubbingmaking duplicate video copiesfilm to tape transferfilm is shot, processed, then transferred to videotapefour-color printingprinting process that only uses 4 colors of ink and replicating the full color of a photogafferchief electrician on a firm shootgripindividual who moves the props and sets on a film shoothalftonesimage with a continuous range of shades from light to darkinterlockversion of a commerical w/ audio/video timed together but recorded separatelyline artart in which all elements are solid, with no intermediate shades or tonesmechanicalsa finished pastup with every element perfectly positioned that is photographed to make printing plates for offset printingmixerperson that operates recording equipment during a film shootmorphingone object in a video gradually changes into anothernavigationuser moving through a websitenewsprinttype of inexpensive paper for newspapersoffset printingimages printed from a smooth-surface chemically treated printing platepostproductionassembling/editing the film after shootingpreproductionoutlining every step in the production process in a set of production notes complied from a preproduction meeting with the creative team and othersprocess colors--MYCBMagenta, yellow, cyan, black--in 4-color printingproduction notesdocument describing every aspect of a commercial's productionregistrationhow 4 colors align in 4-color printingrelease printsduplicate copies of a commercial ready for distributionrough cutpreliminary edited version of a commercialrough layoutslayouts drawn to size but without attention to artistic and copy detailsrushesrough versions of commercials from unedited footagescreenconverts continuous toe art to halftone by shooting the image through a fine screen that breaks the image into a dot patternsemicompslayout drawn to size without body copy but with artworkspot colorUse of an accent color to call attention to an element in an ad layoutstock footagepreviously recorded frames, incorperated into a new commercialthumbnail sketchessmall preliminary sketches of various layout ideastint blocksscreen process that creates shades of gray or colors in blockstip inpreprinted ads that are provided by the advertiser to be glued into the binding of an magazinewhite spaceareas in a layout that aren't used for type or art