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addressable TV
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classified advcommercial ads arranged in a newspaper according to interests of readerscontrolled circulationpublications that are free and distributed to selected peoplecoop advthe manufacturer will reimburse the retailer for all or part of the retailer's adv costscutoutsirregularly shaped extentions of standard outdoor boardsdaypartshow broadcast schedule is divided into time segments during a daydigital displaysoutdoor adv with technology to create imagesdirectional advtells people where to go to find the stuffdisplay advsponsored adv of any size/location within a newspaper except the editorial pagedouble page spreadadvt that crosses two facing pages in a magDVRdigital video recorderextensionsembellishments that extend a billboard to expand just the normal rectanglefreestanding insertspreprinted adv places loosely in a newspaperexterior transit advadv posters that are mounted on vehiclesgatefoldfour-plus connected pages that fold in on themselvesgutterwhite space where two facing magazine pages joinhorizontal publicationpubs directed at people with similar jobshouse adsad by a org in its own publicationindependent stationslocal stations unaffiliated with a national networkinformercialsextended TV commercials that leverage direct-response commink jet imagingmailers can personalize their content for the readerinteraction TVTV with computer capabilitiesinterior transit advadvt mounted inside vehicleskey wordwords/phrases typed into a search engine to find relevant websiteskiosksmultisided bulletin board structures for public messageslead timeproduction time, or time preceding a seasonal eventlow power PMsmall stations that serve a very small area marketmarket slectivitywhen medium targets specific consumer groupsmicro sitessmall sites that are offspring of a parent websitemini sitessmall sites on a marketing partner's page where the visitor doesn't have to leave the main webpagemorning drive timeradio part that reaches people during their commutenetcastingpodcastsnetwork TVcentral broadcasting stations that send programming to local stationsnontraditional deliverymagazines to readers through methods like door hangers, newspaperson demand programmingsubscription--special programming for a feeone order, one billmedia comps buying ad space for orgs and handle rates and billing themselvesoutdoor advbillboards, etc.out of house mediaall ads displayed outside the homepainted outdoor bullitonsoutdoor ads created on site, not restricted by billboardsparticipationsTV advertiser buys commercial time from a networkplace based mediaout-of-home media in public spacespodcastingaudio web content downloaded to an mp3 playerpopbehinds/popupsads that pop up on a websitepreferred position ratecharges by media in high demand space/timepreprintsadv circulars for free standing inserts in newspapersprime time8-11pm programming on TVpublic radionetwork that uses NPR--public broadcasting materialprogram sponsorshiponly one org's adv shown during a programpublic TVbroadcast TV stations function based on donations instead of comm advradio networkssimultaneous radio network programming in connection to one or more of the national networks through AT&Trate cardcharges for adv spacerich mediadigital media with multiple formats that allow viewer participation in contentroadblockTV commercials on all the networks at the same timerun of paper ratenewspaper ads--rate based on a location at the discretion of the publishersatellite radiosubscription radio programmingsatellite TVsubscription, to places with TVssatellite transmissiondelivery system for TV programming with satellite, competes with network programmingsearch advadjoins key-word content in websitessearch mktmarcom strategies designed to aid consumers in their search for infosearch optimazationmaximizing links between topics that consumers search for and a brand related websiteselective bindingcombines with printing programs to present special customizable ads based on demographic info of subscribersshowing% of mkt population exposed to outdoor board during a specific timeskyscraperssponsorshipscontributes to other orgs expenses to increase the perceived valyue of the sponsors hrand in the mind of the consumerspot announcementsads shown during program breaksspot buysbroadcast adv bought on a city-by-city cases instead of nationallyspot radio advad is placed with an indi station rather than a networkstandard adv unitad sizes in nespapersstreaming videomoving images transmitted onlinesubscription TVTV service provided to people who sign up for it and pay a monthly feesuperstationsindependent but high-power TV stationssuperstitialsshort internet commercials from one page to anothersupplementsfull-color ad inserts in newspaperssyndicationstations buy reruns or original programs to fill open hours in programmingtime-shiftinglike DVRunconrolled ciruclationpubs distributed free in high-traffic areasunderwritingsponsor pays for cost of some public broadcastingvertical pubpubs targeted at people working in the same industrywidgetstiny computer programs insertable in mediazapchanging channels when a commercial comes onzipfast forwarding past commercials in a previously recorded program