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Week 1 - Cardio, Pulmonary, Abdominal Exams


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comfort, distress, color, activity
What are the 4 things to consider with general appearance?
quality, duration, contour
What 3 characteristics should you assess the arterial pulse for?
right upper sternal border
Where should you auscultate the aortic area?
left upper sternal border
Where should you auscultate the pulmonic area?
left lower sternal border
where should you auscultate the tricuspid area?
left 5th ICS in MCL
where should you auscultate the mitral area?
mitral, tricuspid
What valves are heard in S1 heart sounds?
aortic, pulmonic
What valves are heard in S2 heart sounds?
Acceleration and deceleration of blood during early passive filling of the vent
S3 heart sound
Atrial contraction filling a stiff or poorly compliant ventricle
S4 heart sound
doming of bicuspid aortic valve (congenital aortic stenosis)
ejection sound/click
Opening of the mitral valve, may be heard in mitral stenosis
opening snap
tensing of valve leaflet as it everts into the left atrium (mitral valve), sitting, squatting
mid-systolic clicks occur when ____________. It is heard closer to S1 when the patient is ________and is closer to S2 when ________.
aortic stenosis, mitral regurgitation; aortic regurgitation, mitral stenosis
What are the 2 classic systolic murmurs? 2 diastolic?
expiration, inspiration
left-sided murmurs are heard best at the end of (inspiration/expiration) while right-sided murmurs increase in intensity with (inspiration/expiration)
mitral insufficiency/prolapse
prompt squatting will intensify _______
during a Valsalva, (right/left) sided murmurs disappear rapidly with straining and then intensify with release
during a Valsalva, (right/left) sided murmur soften a few beats after straining and have delayed intensification after release
hyperlucency, bullous septae
What are 2 x-ray findings of an individual with emphysema?
pleural effusion
obliteration of diaphragm on a chest x-ray indicates what process?
right middle lobe consolidation
what does 'silhouette sign' indicate on a chest x-ray?
cardiomegaly, Kerley B lines, hilar vascular congestion, bronchial cuffing, cephalization of vessels
What are 5 possible findings in a chest x-ray of a patient with congestive heart failure?