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Religion in Our World

Saint Augustine
lived from 354-430 from Hippo Africa his mother is saint Monica he outlined the three levels of faith
3 levels of faith
faith as reason, faith as knowledge, faith as the beatific vision of God
God is real
3 word statement for theism
God not possible
3 word statement for atheism
Fredrick Nietzsche
1844-1900 father of modern pure atheism said that God is dead and we have killed him
good and evil
two things that die with God
survives the death of God
Chapter 1
call to holiness
chapter 17
thomas merton
trapist monk wrote the existence of God
supreme court does not allow theology to be taught in public schools and merton wrote the existence of God
saint lawrence
burned to death
latin for saint
demonstrated by doing good
contingent being
a being whose existence is dependent on others
pure and absolute being
a being that always was that does not depend on others to exist
faith as reason
natural intellectual process that leads the human intellect to the conclusion God Possible
God Possible
statement for faith as reason
from the same time
Joseph Strongwolf
Chief of the Nez Perce tribe lived from 1840 to 1904 he was a theist
Faith as Knowledge
Experiential relational knowledge acquired when one risks discipleship involves freely choosing to seek the reality and truth about God.
why we have god thought
god created us
the beatific vision of God
new dimension of being a person can separate themselves from the overwhelming recognition that all life especially human life is a sacred gift from a loving God. a person enters this by the habitual practice of which brought the person to faith as knowledge
statement for the beatific vision
God is
victor frankl
German Jewish physiatrist practicing in Germany in the 1930's wrote Man's Search for Meaning... at least when my family died they died with their humanity these poor Nazis don't stand a chance
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
A German Lutheran Pastor wrote books 1930's The Cost of Discipleship and Letters from a Nazi Jailhouse... I love you and I forgive you... beaten in jailhouse said masses on Sunday but they beat him for what he said- use of freedom and God thought
Mother Teresa
Sisters of Lerato sent to India went from teaching to more. Started the sisters of charity. saw God calling her to help the poor changed world took Christ's word so seriously Catholic 20th century
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Doctor in Christian Theology vision of life, radically Christian lived the gospel of God, Baptist