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il est absurde

it is absurd

il est amusant

it is amusing

il est bon

it is good

il est curieux

it is curious

il est dommage

it is a pity, it is too bad

il est douteux

it is doubtful

il est essential

it is essential

il est étonnant

it is amazing

il est étrange

it is strange

il est impératif

it is imperative

il est important

it is important

il est impossible

it is impossible

il est injuste

it is unfair

il est juste

it is fair

il est naturel

it is natural

il est nécessaire

it is necessary

il est normal

it is normal

il est possible

it is possible

il est préférable

it is preferable

il est regrettable

it is regrettable

il est surprenant

it is surprising

il est temps

it is time

il est urgent

it is urgent

il est utile

it is useful

il faut

it is necessary

il semble

it seems

il vaut mieux

it is better

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