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French Reflexive Verb Practice

Je me lave la figure.
I wash my face.
Je me lave les mains.
I wash my hands.
Je me lave les cheveux.
I wash my hair.
Je me peigne.
I comb my hair.
Je m'habille.
I get dressed.
Je me déshabille.
I get undressed.
Je me rase.
I shave.
Je m'amuse.
I have fun.
Je me couche.
I go to bed.
Je me dépêche.
I hurry.
Je me lève.
I get up.
Tu te laves les mains.
You wash your hands.
Il se brosse les dents.
He brushes his teeth.
je m'appelle.
I call myself.
Tu te maquilles.
You put on makeup.
Je me promène.
I go for a walk.
Tu te réveilles.
You get up.

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