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British Acts against Colonies

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Proclomation of 1763
Colonists could not expand across the Appalacian Mountains
Sugar Act
Lowered a tax on molasses in hopes colonists would pay the tax and stop smuggling.
Stamp Act
Placed a tax on all printed materials. Playing cards, wills, pamphlets.
Declaratory Act
Parliament had the right to tax and make decisions for colonists in ALL cases
Townshend Act
A tax applied to all imported goods at the port of entry. Taxed things such as paper, tea, glass and lead
Writs of Assistance
Allowed British officials to enter any location and search for smuggled goods
A formal expression of opinion
Rag figures representing unpopular tax collectors. Usually hung and burned in protest
Refuse to buy or purchase something
Sons of Liberty
Organized group of colonists who were a secret society formed to protect the rights of colonists and fight taxation by the British
To cancel
Daughters of Liberty
Organized group of colonists who were in support of the boycotts and encouraged others to produce goods they usually got from Great Britain. Encouraged colonists to not rely on British goods.
Samuel Adams, John Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock, and Joseph Warren
Key members of the Sons of Liberty
The Boston Massacre
a riot between British soldiers and colonists
How many people were killed in the Boston massacre?
5 people died
Who was the first African American killed in the Boston Massacre?
Crispus Attucks
In the painting done by Paul Revere, on the Boston Massacre, what name did he give the painting?
The Bloody Massacre
Why was the Boston massacre so significant?
Helped change the way the colonists felt towards the British, it made the British look bad.
What happened in the Boston tea Party?
Sons of Liberty dressed up as Native Americans and threw 342 chests of tea overboard and into the Boston Harbor in protest.
What is a "Tory"
Someone who still supports the Crown, or supports the British.
What many colonists did to not pay the taxes imposed by the British
Information used to influence someone's opinion about something- like Paul Revere's painting of the Boston Massacre
Who was the King of England during the Acts?
King George III
What is Parliament?
British part of government who create laws and taxes. Similar to our "Congress"