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Natural Resources and Climate

Natural Resources
any material from the Earth that humans can use
Natural Resource Categories
Animal, Plant, Soil, Air, Water, Mineral, Fossil Fuel
Fossil Fuels
energy resources from the Earth like oil, natural gas, and coal
Renewable Resources
resources that can regrow or be replaced in a person's lifetime
Nonrenewable Resources
resources can should be protected because Earth will run out of them
Ways to Conserve Resources
recycle materials, reduce the amount you use, reuse for other purposes
affects climate because places close to equator are warmer
affects climate because places higher above sea level are colder
Dry/Desert Climate
usually hot, with very little rainfall
important feature of climate; how hot or cold a place is
important feature of climate; moisture that falls from the clouds
Tropical Climate
warm, with lots of rain
Polar Climate
cold, where few plants and animals can survive
Warm Temperate Climate
warm summers and short rainy winters
Cool Temperate Climate
warm summers and long, harsh winters
Animal Products
food, wool clothing, leather goods, wax and oils
Plant Products
food, oxygen, cotton clothing, paper products
Fossil Fuel Products
Electricity, Plastic, Gasoline