52 terms


what are the ingredients of choreography?
action + example
what a dancer does e.g. turn
the 'where' of movement
the 'how' of quality of movement
with whom we dance
what is choreography?
art of creating dance
what is a stimulus?
it is the inspiration to create a dance. gives you a building block/starting point to develop movement ideas. c
stimulus uses
why are stimuli important?
helps develop your creative and problem-solving skills
what are your technical skills?
alignment and agility
balance and bendy (flexibility)
control and coordination
dynamic strength
the correct placement of body parts in relation to other body parts
Ability to change the direction of the body in an efficient and effective manner
A steady or held position achieved by an even distribution of weight
bendy (flexibility)
the range of movement that is attainable in a joint or muscle
ability to start & stop movement, change direction and hold a shape efficiently
ability to use different body parts together smoothly and efficiently
dynamic strength
the 'how' or 'quality' of movement
what is a motif?
it is a movement or group/sequence of movements that portrays the style and content of dance.
what does a motif consist of?
dynamic qualities
spatial design
why are motifs important?
essential elements that can be repeated, varied and developed to help structure and organise a dance.
help audience relate with and understand the dance.
what are the different types of stimuli?
how could you develop your motif?
add actions e.g. fall
change order of actions
change or vary dynamics e.g. speed
change or vary space e.g. size
use different body parts e.g. arms
what are performance skills?
sense of style
communication of choreographic intent
where a dancer looks
how the dancer performs
sense of style
how the dancer copies the distinctive actions and qualities of a dance
relationship with the music
communication of choreographic intent
relationship with dance
how sensitive the dancer is to other dancers, props, music and the dance itself.
why are performance skills important?
they show the difference between going through the motions of doing a dance and performing it
what is infra?
dance performed by Royal Ballet and choreographed by Wayne McGregor in contemporary style. it is a pedestrianised dance and was first performed in 2008. Wayne McGregor wanted to portray emotionality, physical activity, partial views and different inferences.
how did Wayne McGregor show peoples emotion for one another?
by portraying the dancers using either a solo, group or duet.
in terms of accompaniment - what does he use in the opening of the dance?
morse code and short radio fragments
who composed the accompaniment?
mark richter
sound design?
chris ekers
set design?
julian opie
costume design?
moritz junge
lighting design?
lucy carter
describe the costumes in act 1 and 2
in act 1 there are 3, one wearing a long sleeve grey cotton top, black pants and canvas ballet shoes
in act 2 there is a duet of a man and a woman. the man is shirtless, wearing long black trousers and canvas ballet shoes.
the woman is wearing long sleeve black cotton top, black pants and pointe shoes.
describe the lighting in act 1 and 2
act 1 there is 3 large spotlights creating a white wash in the foreground of the stage
in act 2 the white wash becomes larger
what is the performance area of infra?
describe the set of infra
black box set
computerised people walking across backdrop via projection
why do you think the costumes aren't elaborate?
attention drawn to dancers not costumes
shows lines of legs and arms
allows more close contact work
allows sharper movements
describe the music in act 3 and 4
in act 3 the music is more dramatic because of the negative contact and tension
in act 4 the music changes again more dramatic and dancing matches accompaniment
describe the lighting in act 3 and 4
in act 3 there is a green wash in foreground but uses heads, mids and shins lighting as act 2 goes into act 3 to focus attention on next dancers
in act 4 there are 6 atomised boxes of lights framed by darkness
describe the costumes in act 3 and 4
in act 3 there is a duet. the man is wearing a cotton grey vest top, black pants and canvas ballet shoes.
the woman is wearing a black velvet unitard and pointe shoes
in act 4 there are 6 couples on stage. the man wearing long grey cotton top, black pants and canvas ballet shoes.
the woman wearing grey cotton vest, black pants and pointe shoes
why do you think the lighting is the way it is in act 4?
to portray a pedestrian crossing using a gobo
how do you know the music becomes more dramatic and the dancing matches the accompaniment?
sharp beating on the floor with pointe shoes
kicks are move thrown
name 3 of wayne mcgregors works
raven girl, carbon life, chroma
where was he born?
stockport in greater manchester
where did he study?
bretton hall in west yorkshire
jose lemon school in new york
where does the title INFRA come from?
the word 'below' and the dance presents a portrait of life beneath the surface of the city