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a chemical in the body that provides extra energy and endurance


the main line or rope to which all the dogs are connected


when your body temperature drops below normal


a person who travels on foot or snow with the dog sled, the commander of the sled

northern light

green and pink streaks of light that dance in the night sky, cause by gases from the sun that get trapped in the earth's magnetic field


a spray of fine snow blown by the wind


a sudden snow storm with very strong winds

snow hook

a heavy metal hook that is used to hold the team in place, acts like an anchor for the sled

swing dogs

the dogs directly behind the leader that help to steer the team around corners


low, flat land that stretches for miles in northern Alaska

wheel dog

the last two dogs that are closest to the sled, usually the largest and strongest

team dog

the dogs run directly behind the swing dogs. They provide speed and power to the team.

lead dog

the dog at the head of the team. the other team dogs are lined out behind the leader.

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