11 terms

Marketing Essentials--Chapter 19

Promotional Advertising
advertising that encourages customers to seek products and designed to increase sales
Institutional Advertising
advertising designed to create a favorable impression and foster goodwill for a business in the marketplace
agencies, means, or instruments used to convey advertising messages to the public
Broadcast Media
advertising using radio and television
Internet Advertising
advertising using either e-mail or the World Wide Web
Banner Ad
usually a wide shallow rectangle seen at the top or bottom of Web pages
Specialty Media
relatively inexpensive, useful items with an advertiser's name, message and/or logo
Cooperative Advertising
cost-sharing arrangement whereby both a supplier and a local advertiser pay for advertising
nonpersonal promotion which promotes ideas, goods, or services by using a variety of media
Print Media
includes advertising in newspapers, magazines, direct mail, signs, and billboards
Transit Advertising
advertisement seen on public transportation