Labor Zionism

Shift after Herzl's death
shift from general (middle class) Zionists to a focus on local, working class; those who emphasized working class was small, but disproportionately represented in Israel (giving them legitimacy)
Which Migration wave contributed to Labor Zionism?
2nd migration wave; secular, educated, single, male (not actually working class lol); hope that creating a Jewish working class would lead to a Jewish state
Key ideological elements of labor zionism
labor becomes almost holy (agriculture worker as van gaarde of society); manual labor & inventing the class pyramid (class cooperation or conflict?); Labor zionists reject class warfare; pioneering ethos; conquest of land, conquest of labor, secularism (minimal religious education, rejection of Jewish religion, taking control of own destiny, thought it would disappear; reimagine religion in secular terms-Bible as a tour book; this is why no creation of church and state)
Diagnosis of Jewish Problem
solution for both was migrating to Palestine. General view: all Jews are a minority, needs to make a majority; Labor Zionist view: need to change class pyramid (Jews have too many intellectuals, but not enough peasants)
Rejection of Class Warfare
meant that private property was uphead (class cooperation); nationalist goals of labor Zionists trump social goals; state becomes single biggest employer in Israel; also needed employment when Labor Zionists first came, but couldn't get jobs on plantations because were expensive and didn't know shit; so turned to communal forms of working (not for profit), but this is economically dumb, by 1920s, bankrupt
Pioneering ethos
idea of building a community and expect payment from Zionist organization, then valorization of pioneer ethos; but people were excluded (Arabs and Orthodox jews); led to a culture of illegalizm on cultural elite, so laws don't apply as much to labor zionists (led to bribery scandals of Israel politicians today)
root of a cactus, symbol for new Jew, prickley on the outside and sweet on the inside (not longer the scholar)
Conquest of Labor
want Jews to own & employ everything (conflicts socialists principle of equality of labor)
Conquest of Land
make all land Jewish land
General Federation of Hebrew Workers in the Land of Israel
(1920); large percentages of Jewish populations (in 50/60% range) led to lots of political power for Zionist movement; provided jobs, schools, healthcare to all members, eventually go bankrupt because of high wages and doing work without contract, Israel gov't pays and bails them out, required to shut down sick fund which decreases overall membership and thus their influence over politics); sought to create services from birth to grave
the Land of Israel Workers Party, labor party; always first until 1977
Halo Effect
the idea that Labor Zionists built the state
explain the Labor Zionists dominance
future waves of immigration were funneled into institutions in place; creaing facts on the ground, Halo effect, conflict with Palestinians (response that we have to wait for any opposition until conflict is over)
Explain the Labor Zionists downturn
immigrants were not laborers