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By the early 1500s, Renaissance ideas had led many Europeans to believe their lives could be improved. Some people focused their attention on problems in the Catholic Church...
... They called on church leaders to end corruption and focus solely on spiritual matters. Over time, their calls led to a reform movement against the Catholic Church called the Reformation.
One of the leading reformers was a Dutch priest named Desiderius Erasmus. Erasmus and other reformers thought that the clergy weren't very religious anymore...
... They claimed priests did not know basic church teachings. They felt that the pope had become too involved in politics and was ignoring his religious duties.
Others accused the church of being too rich. One reason for its wealth was that it paid no taxes on its large land holdings. Another practice especially irritated some reformers...
... This was the sale of indulgences. An indulgence was a document from the pope that freed a person from punishment for his or her sins. Many Christians saw this practice as a way for people to buy their way into heaven.