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AP Lit: Drama #2


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a division of literature that categorized a piece into its particular form
ex. drama, poetry, novels, fiction, non-fiction, biography, etc.
in media res
Latin for "in the midst of things."
ex. When The Iliad begins, the Trojan War has already been going on for seven years.
internal conflict
a struggle involving the opposing forces in a person's mind ex. When Huck Finn has to decide whether or not to turn Jim in for being a runaway slave.
a play in which heightened emotion, plot and action are emphasized instead of characters
ex. The Great Gatsby practically reads like a soap opera, with a lot of drama and not many round or developed characters.
refers to everything that appears on stage: sets, props, actors, costumes, and lighting
long formal speech made by a character in a play (made to other characters on stage).
ex. When Walter gives his speech to Lindner and the rest of the Younger family at the end of A Raisin in the Sun.
a traditional story that serves to explain the mysteries of nature or a society's beliefs
ex. When Hades takes Persephone six months out of the year, and her mother Demeter mourns her absence, we have the seasons of Fall and Winter.
The protagonist's archenemy or supreme and persistent difficulty
ex. Lord Voldemort is Harry Potter's _____________.
a space where the chorus would dance/sing/interact with actors who were on the stage
a series of related events that make up a story or drama
a piece of writing usually composed to introduce a drama ex. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet opens with a summary of the entire play.
the main character in a piece of fiction
ex. Huck Finn, Harry Potter, Ralph, Romeo and Juliet
a song of prayer for the dead
rising action
refers to the dynamic period after the exposition, when conflict has been introduced.
ex. After Romeo and Juliet meet at the ball, fall instantly in love, and discover that their families are enemies.
a set of actions, performed mainly for their symbolic value, prescribed by a community
ex. weddings, funerals, baptisms
a minor division of a theatrical play
ex. Acts are often divided into ___________s.
a long speech in which a character alone onstage expresses his or her private thoughts
ex. Juliet's speech on the balcony when she thinks she is alone and is questioning why she must be a Capulet and Romeo a Montague.
sometimes referred to as a "B story" often involving supporting characters
ex.. The King and the Duke are a _____________ to the main action of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
suspension of disbelief
the demand made of a theater audience to accept the limitations of staging and supply the details with imagination. Also, the acceptance on an audience's part of the incidents of plot. If there are too many coincidences or improbable occurrences, the audience can no longer suspend disbelief and subsequently loses interest.
ex. It is easier to ___________________ ____ ____________ when watching Law and Order more than it is when we are watching Superman.
a play depicturing serious/important events, in which the protagonist has an unhappy end
ex. Romeo and Juliet
tragic flaw
In a tragedy, this is the weakness of character in an otherwise good (or even great) individual that ultimately leads to his demise.
ex. Achilles' Heel, Icarus' need to fly too high.
a serious play with a happy ending
ex. Little Miss Sunshine is a movie about a little girl struggling and failing to be a beauty queen and the painful moments of her her dysfunctional family, but it still ends on a happy note.