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Safety Life Cycle FEED Stage


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Shall all SIF's be de-energized to trip?
1) Stacked SIF's and 2) 1 SIF plus Alarm
What are 2 methods to obtain 2 or more IPL credits of risk reduction?
They are to be modeled as a single SIF.
How are stacked SIF's to be modled for SIL calc?
Table 2
What table number provides sensor voting requirements for 1 SIF+Alarm with shared components?
The cause of the initial shutdown.
The SIS shall have first-out alarming oooof what?
The same reset that resets the entire SIF.
The SIS first-out alarm shall be reset by what?
A Sequence of Events (SOE) recorder.
What system records all the SIS events?
ISO 10418
What ISO standards is often used in palce of API 14C?
SAFE Charts
What shall be submitted to the regulating agency (e.g., BOEMRE for USA) before the
installation of the topsides process safety system (PSS).
Justification for eliminating unneeded prescribed safety components
The SAC is used for what?
1.) IPL Analysis 2.) IPL Rationalization 3.) IPL Technical Verification
What are 3 IPL activities are done during FEL3?
1) IPL list and 2) SIF-specific narrative
What are the 2 components of the Initial SRS?
1) Acceptable testing intervals 2) Acceptable spurious trip rates
Conceptual Design derives what 2 performance parameters?
1) to create typical SIL1 & SIL2 templates; and 2) Identify unusual and complicated SIF's.
Conceptual Design consist of what 2 objectives?
1? Typicals for SIL1 & SIL2; and 2) All SIL3's
What SIL calculations should be performed during FEED?
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Is Partial Stroke Testing permited by this client?
1) Close out the IPL Report recommendations with the recommended safeguards; and 2) Present FEED Verification report to Management.
What are the final 2 activities needed to be completed during FEED?
20 per console
What is the maximum number of critical alarms permitted on each operator console?