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What was the prevailing notion to the time of Lyell and Darwin

B) Earth is a few thousand years old, and populations are unchanging

Darwin's mechanism of nat'l selection required long time spans in order to modify species. from who did darwin get the concept of earth's ancient age

A) Charles Lyell

Which statement best describes the evolution of pesticide resistance in a population of insects

D) Offspring of insects that are genetically resisant to the pesticide become more abundant as the susceptible insect dies off

To observe natural selections effect on a population, which of these must be true?

D) One must observe more than one generation of the population and the population must contain genetic variation

Which of these is the smallest unit that natural selection can change?

C) A population's gene frequency

Overtime, the movement of people on earth has steadily increased. This has altered the course of human evolution by increasing

B) Gene flow

What was the species concept most used by Linnaeus

C) Morphological

A defining characteristic of allopatric speciation is

C) Geographic isolation

According to the concept of punctuated equilibrium

C) A new species accumulates most of its unique features as it comes into existance

Which best describes the phylogenetic species concept

D) Species classified as the smallest group of individuals that share a common ancestor

The accumulation of what gas in the earth's atmosphere allowed for organisms on earth to obtain far more energy than before from metabolism

A) O2

Of the following anatomical structures, which is homologous to the wing of a bird

A) Flipper of a whale

The organization of the 3 domains of life on earth is based on

D) rRNA sequences

What kind of phylogeny is considered to be a true clade

B) Monophyletic

What kinds of genes diverge and acquire new functions over time

A) Paralogous genes

How long ago did the first fossilized evidence of life occur on earth

B) 3.5 billion years ago

What role are liposomes hypothesized to have played in the formation of early life on earth

B) They acted to compartmentalize organic molecules

What roles have mass extinctions played on the diversity of life on earth

D) Eventually increased the diversity of life through adaptive radiations and temporarily decreased the diversity of life on earth

During what eon have humans existed

C) Phanerozoic

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