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Continuation of Tuesday, December 21st, 2009.

I guess today was difficult for me because of some different things. One, I really don't have many friends. I mean, sure I have some good friends, actually I have quite a few, but at the same time I don't have many REALLY GOOD friends, you know? I want to see if I can get some really good friends that I can depend on and friends that I know are special no matter what.

Sometimes it's hard to know that my friends might not always be there for me, and maybe they will betray me. But I guess that is the meaning of life, you know? Risk. I don't really think you know how hard it is for me to be Bipolar (switching gears). I mean, I really just want to succeed, but most of the time, I cannot do it. I had this crying episode last night when I figured out that I can't do it and I need help from medicine to succeed. It's not fair, you know? I just want to be a normal person with a normal life, and I guess that is too hard for God to give me. And what kind of weirdo AM I, anyways?!?!? Writing on a computer and talking about my feelings? That is so lame... And people judge me for that. It's not fair. Encouragement would be good, guys. Thank you so much for your reviews, and answer my question for you today in the Discussion Box: When was the last time you judged someone by just looking at them? Thanks for all of your comments and reviews! Sincerely, Lauren.

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