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which habit is Proactive and reactive in?

habit 1

1 thing we can control

how we respond to things

change agent

the 1st person to change

what are the power tools?

self awareness, conscience, imagination, will power

what is habit 2?

begin with the end in mind

what is a personal mission statement?

personal motto

3 methods of making a personal mission statement?

quote collection, brain dump, the retreat

how many keys are there to goal setting?


what is habit 3

put 1st things 1st

what are the 4 time quadrants

procrastinator, slacker, prioritizer, yes man

define procrastinator

put off stuff till last minute


a loafer


they plan what they want to get done

yes man

please other people

what are big rocks?

most important things

what is habit 4?

think win win

what is win lose?

prideful, want to be the best even if someone is in their way

lose win

a doormat, they give in easily

lose lose

downward spiral where both people lose

win win

everyone wins, a compromise

tumor twins?

competing and comparing

what is habit 5?

seek 1st to understand then to be understood

5 poor listening styles are

spacing out, pretend listening, word listening,and self centered listening

what is spacing out?

we ignore the person

pretend listening

we pretend we're listening by making insightful comments

word listening

not paying to body language only words

selective listening

to part of the conversation

self centered listening

we see everything from our own point of view

difference between mimicking and mirroring?

mimicking is repeating words, mirroring is repeating meaning

what habit 6


what is synergy?

when people work together to create a better solution

3 levels of profiles

shun, tolerate, celebrate

what is shunner's profile?

ridicule those who are different

what is tolerator's profile?

don't shun diversity or embrace it either

celebrator's profile?

see differences as advantages not weaknesses

what are steps in action plan?

define problem, their way, my way, brainstorm, high way

type of members in a group

plodders, followers, innovators, harmonizers, show offs

what is habit 7?

sharpen the saw

what are the key dimensions?

body, brain, heart, soul

what is rba?

relationship bank account

what is pba?

personal bank account

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