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Using key choices, identify the following connective tissue type. Insert the appropriate letter or corresponding term in the answer blanks.

Dense fibrous connective tissue

provides great strength through parallel bundles of collagenic fibers; found in tendons

Adipose connective tissue

Acts as a storage depot for fat, insulates against heat loss

Dense fibrous connective tissue

Composes the dermis of the skin

Osseuos tissue

Forms the bony skeleton

Areolar connective tissue

Composes the basement membrane and packages organs; includes a gel-like matrix with all categories of fibers and many cell types

Hyaline cartilage

Forms the embryonic skeleton and the surfaces of bones at the joints; reinforces the trachea

Adipose connective tissue

Provides insulation for the body

Hyaline cartilage

Structurally amorphous matrix, heavily invaded with fibers; appears glassy and smooth

Osseuos tissue

Contains cells arranged concentrically around a nutrient canal; matrix is hard due to calcium slats

Reticular connective tissue

Forms the stroma or internal "skeleton" of lymph nodes, the spleen, and lymphoid organs

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