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Because motor development follows a bottom up direction, small motor development usually precedes large motor development. t or f


most basic motor skills evolve rapidly from birth and do so

without specific training

which assessment of a small motor skill would be considered developmentally appropriate for four year olds?


motor development follows a cephocaudal and proximodistal direction in development. Because of this what can be said about small motor development?

it tends to develop mentally following large motor.

professionals in child development encourage daily opportunities for large motor activities because

chidren need to be physically active, lack of such activity impedes development and growth academic success can be endangered

fine motor skills include

zippers, buttons, tying shoes, puzzles, coloring, painting and molding clay, stringing beads and snap blocks

the ability to use ones hands in fine motor skills is called


childhood food preferences include

cultural preferences, peer and sibling influences, tv and other media

the 4 and 5 year old is in erikson's stage of psychological development known as:

initiative vs guilt

sam walks over to help kylie when she falls and skims her knee. He is exhibiting the ____ form of perspective taking


Cruz and billy are building with bocks and before they know it, their structure is higher than their shoulder. the height limit for block structures in the lass. they notice that it is teetering just as amanda begins to build with the blocks. watch out! they say. this is a form of what perspective taking?


suki and justin are planning a garden for the playground. they say it will be for peter rabbit. with a notepad and pencil in hand they go to the other children in the class and ask the what kinds of vegetables they want to plant. this is an example of what form of perspective taking?


optimal social and emotional growth and development are dependent on____

experiences, supportive environments and modeling appropriate behavior.

a type of play in which the children plan themes and roles together is called

associative play

according to contemporary theorists an understanding of the effects of one behaviors on other develops as a childs__-__

theory of mind

adults who use ____ ways of helping chidren resolve conflicts help them in understanding not only their own needs and wishes but also those of other people


the intention to help people without the expectation of reward is called


what social/ emotional skills are enhanced in play?

theory of mind/ perspective taking

the understanding that physical attributes of an object or substance remain the same even if their appearance is changed is called__


according to piaget the most noticeable difference between the thinking of preoperational children and the thinking of older children and adults is __


maggie, 4, had her birthday at a restaurant. a guest was dressed up as a mouse. some of the children began to cry and ran to their parents. the older children were okay. this is an example of___

identity constancy

jason who is 4 substitutes the w for the r. he is in pre k. what can be said about his speech development?

it is normal.

a child's focus on specific aspects of a object or event and the inability to look at something from different perspectives is called


when a child can attend to all the states of an object from the beginning to the end and notice thee changes it is called


the theory that explains learning as receiving information through the senses and then processing that information for use is called____

information processing

a model of the information processing theory that centers on childrens attention level rather than aspects of memory is

levels of processing

if a preschool child fails to learn language it could be because of

an environment that didnt give the child enough linguistic input, or high enough quality of input or auditory impairment

how can adults facilitate children vocabulary development?

label objects, events, feelings and read books.

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