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45 to 65%

carbs recommended daily intake

carbonic gas spray

high power spray, deep pore cleaning, oily, acne pron skin


epidermis is compose of these


mechanical, non chemical reaction

mechanical exfoliation

abrasive action, combined with a product


transfer heat via direct contact


energy in food stored in body

auto clave

machine pressurized steam sterilizing critical implements


pathogenic bacteria or virus entering body multiplying to point of interfering with body's normal state


immune cells that recognize antigen and assit in distroying them

fatty acids

keeps cosmetic products soft and easy to apply


level of ph, increases skins ability to be vulnable to injury

direct faradic method

never touch both eletrodes on clients skin


junction across nerve impluses pass through


muscle at tip of chin, to shoulder and chest, depresses lower jaw and lip

hair follicle

skin opening that contains root of hair within it

hydrochloric acid

continues to break down food as it enters stomach

agreement phase

summerizies and ensures client agree recommended treatments


liquifacation process occur during desincrustation


structure recieves impulses sent to nerve cells


front of shoulder , known as collarbone

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