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CDL Air Brake Practice Test

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The parking or emergency brake on a heavy vehicle can only be held in position by something that cannot leak away, like:

a. Fluid pressure
b. Spring pressure
c. Air pressure
d. Any of the above
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Your vehicle has dual air brake system. If low air pressure warning comes on for the secondary system or for one system, you should:

a. Bring the vehicle to a safe stop and continue only when the system is fixed.
b. Reduce your speed, and test the remaining system while under-way.
c. Reduce your speed, and drive to the nearest garage for repairs.
d. Continue at normal speed if only the secondary system fails.
If your vehicle has an alcohol evaporator, it is there to:

a. Rid the wet tank of alcohol that condenses and sits at the bottom.
b. Eliminate the need for daily tank draining.
c. Boost tank pressure the same way that superchargers boost engines.
d. Reduce the risk of ice in the air brake valves in cold weather.