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Values are relatively unstable and do not influence our behaviour.
The discrepancy models of job satisfaction propose that satisfaction is determined by the extent to which the characteristics of a job allow an individual to fulfill his or her needs.
Research on the correlates of job satisfaction discovered a strong, negative relationship between perceived stress on the job and job satisfaction.
Interpersonal value conflict occurs when values espoused and enacted by the organization collide with employees' personal values.
Value congruence is associated with positive job outcomes such as career success, satisfaction and lower turnover intentions.
More women in the paid workforce, more dual-income families, more single working parents, and an aging population that gives mid-career employees day care or elder care responsibilities are all factors serving to increase
work/family life conflict.
Leon Festinger theorized that people will seek to __________ through one of three main methods: changing one's attitude, behavior or both; belittling the importance of the inconsistent behavior; or finding consonant elements that are more important.
reduce cognitive dissonance
The __________ is the feelings or emotions one has about an object or situation.
behavioral component
According to the __________ model of job satisfaction, satisfaction is a function of how "fairly" an individual is treated and occurs when one's perception that work outcomes, relative to inputs, compare favorably with a significant other's outcomes/inputs.
A(n) __________ represents an employee's beliefs about what he or she is entitled to receive in return for what he or she provides to the organization.
psychological contract