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French New Year

Match the French and the Englsih about the réveillon (the French New Year's celebrations). It's all about the culture. Explanations at "Anne's native take on the French New Year" on www.frenchetc.org. [the test part of this exercise is really hard to ace because the definitions are long. Even I can't ace it, so don't feel too bad if your score isn't perfect.]

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Au réveillon du Nouvel An, on danse avec les copains.
At New Year's eve, people dance amongst friends.
Au dessert du nouvel an, on mange une omelette norvégienne.
For dessert at New Year's eve, there's baked Alaska.
Les réveillonneurs amènent des cotillons pour rire.
Party-goers bring streamers and confetti to have fun.
À minuit, on s'embrasse sous le gui.
At midnight, people kiss under the mistletoe.
À l'apéro du réveillon, on boit parfois du mousseux.
As a cocktail drink at New Year's eve, people sometimes drink bubbly wine.
Le lendemain du réveillon, on reçoit des étrennes.
On January 1, people get New Year's gifts.
À potron-minet, on achète des croissants chauds.
At the crack of dawn, people buy warm croissants.
Une Bonne Année et une Bonne Santé !
A Happy New Year!
En janvier, on fait les soldes du blanc.
During the month of January, there are "white linen" sales.
On a tout janvier pour écrire les cartes de bonne année.
You may write your New Year's greeting cards during the whole month of January.