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Chapter 10 Poison Control


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Poisons can be taken into the body in four different ways:
Ingestion, Inhalation, Injection, Absorption
In cases of poison ingestion, vomiting is to be avoided under the following five conditions:
1. Ingestion of corrosive substances
2. Ingestion of volatile petroleum products
3. Ingestion of convulsants
4. If Pt is semiconscious, severely inebriated, in shock, convulsing or has no gag reflex
5. If less than 1 yrs of age
6. Has cardiac disease or vascular disease
Gastric lavage is contraindicated when a patient has ingested what type of substance?
When is activated charcoal administered
after a gastric lavage
Why are gastric contents saved after emesis or gastric lavage
saved for lab testing to determine the poison
What is the treatment for poisons that contact skin or eyes
flush for 20 mins on skin, 30 mins for eyes, Go to ER
What two groups of people are most at risk for poisoning
children and older adults
Name 4 conditions that may lead to toxic medication reactions in older adults
Slower metabolism, impaired circulation, decreased excretion, wrong dosage caused by poor vision or poor memory, Interactions, Medical conditions affecting absorption
What is the leading cause of poisoning deaths in children under 6 years of age
ingestion, cosmetics, and personal products
What is the poison control number
What is a poison
Substance taken into the body by ingestion, inhalation, injection or absorption that interferes with normal physiological functions
What should be done if poisoning is suspected
Contact poison control
Most common type of poisoning
At highest risk for poisoning by ingestion
Children between 1 and 5
What is no longer a recommended treatment for ingestion poisoning
emetic ipecac syrup
What are the concerns regarding ipecac syrup
1. Outcomes failed to justify its effectiveness
2. Adverse effects, such as persistent vomiting could interfere with other treatments
3. Evidence of widespread abuse of ipecac by people with anorexia and bulimia
What info should you give poison control when calling them
age, weight, health status, allergies
Difference between anorexia and bulimia
Starvation versus over eating then vomiting
Purpose of active charcol
to minimize systemic absorption
Antidotes may be required for poisonings with what
CNS depressants
Gastric lavage is no longer recommended except in the case of
What are the names of some antidotes?
Flumazenil, Naloxone, CPR
Which agency no longer recommends gastric lavage
American Academy of Clinical Toxicology
What is gastric lavage
cleaning out the stomach
Cautions for personnel caring for poisoning victims..
be sure to save emesis, closely monitor vitals, observe closely for confusion, tremors, convulsions, visual disturbances
Poisoning by inhalation require which kind of treatment
Symptomatic treatment such as fresh air, oxygen and CPR
What is hyperbaric oxygen
enhances natural healing by pumping 100% of O2 and aids in healing process
How does carbon monoxide poisoning work
robs tissues of vital oxygen
Systemic absorption of poisons through the skin may require administration of an
What type of treatment is needed for stings
Clean area, remove the stinger, and apply ice pack
What should never be used to remove a stinger
tweezers cause it releases more of the toxin in the skin
How should a stinger be removed
scrape the skin with a credit card, to lesson the pain is ice and corticosteroid cream
What must you never do in the case of a snake bite?
apply ice or a tourniquite
How to treat a snake bite
keep patient quiet and still, lying down
Website to locate a poison control center
aapcc.org, American Association of Poison Control Centers