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The Scarlet Letter (Salem: Hestor Prynne forced to wear A for committing adultery but
won't reveal dad's name; physician husband Richard Chillingsworth suspects minister
Arthur Dimmesdale, who dies after confessing; daughter Pearl finally cries),
Twice-Told Tales (tales including Howe's Masquerade, The Grey Champion, The Great
Carbuncle, and The Minister's Black Veil; title from King John),
Mosses from an Old Manse (25 stories including Young Goodman Brown [Puritan Brown, led by
old man, observes wife Faith at a witches' Sabbath in the woods and returns to Salem a
sad man], The Birthmark [Aylmer removes birthmark from perfect wife Georgiana, killing her],
Rappaccini's Daughter [doctor Rappaccini nourishes daughter Beatrice on poisons so
she may help with dangerous plant experiments; she dies drinking antidote from faithless
suitor], and The Celestial Railroad),
House of the Seven Gables (Salem: Colonel Pyncheon obtained land for House of Seven
Gables by accusing owner Matthew Maule of witchcraft; Maule cursed Pyncheons;
Clifford Pyncheon jailed for murder of uncle actually committed by Judge Jaffrey
Pyncheon; Phoebe and Holgrave, a descendant of Maule, fall in love and break the curse),
Marble Faun (Italian count Donatello loves Miriam and kills her pursuer Antonio; artist
Hilda witnesses murder, confesses to priest, and loves Kenyon),
Blithedale Romance (based on Brook Farm; Miles Coverdale narrates; Zenobia loves
Hollingsworth who loves Priscilla),
Fanshawe (Fanshawe loves Ellen Langdon, ward of Harley College President Dr.
Melmoth but gives her to man she loves and dies; modeled on Bowdoin),
The Dolliver Romance (unfinished; Dr. Dolliver makes elixir to care for granddaughter
Pansie but Colonel Dabney wants it for selfish reasons and dies),
Tanglewood Tales
Typee A Peep at Polynesian Life (hero and friend Toby jump ship in Marquesas Islands
and wander into valley of Typee where cannibals capture them; Fayaway nurses hero
but he chooses to return to civilization),
Omoo A Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas (crew of Julia is imprisoned on
Tahiti; hero and fried Doctor Long Ghost are released and explore the island),
Mardi and a Voyage Thither (5 men sail through Mardi on King Media's boat; stop in
Vivenza [US]; Taji kills priest Aleema to rescue Yillah; Hautia seeks Taji; others include
philosopher Babbalanja, poet Yoomy, and historian Mohi),
Moby-Dick or the White Whale (monomaniacal Captain Ahab pursues Moby-Dick; others on the
Pequod include God-fearing Starbuck, Stubb, harpooners Queequeg, Daggoo, and
Tashtego, black Pip, and fire-worshipping Parsee; only narrator Ishmael survives),
Pierre or the Ambiguities (writer Pierre Glendinning leaves mom and fianc�e Lucy
Tartan for illegitimate sister, whom he comes to love; commits suicide in prison),
White Jacket or The World in a Man-of-War (white jacket nearly drowns narrator when he falls
into water; Jack Chase appears on US Navy man-of-war; brutal floggings condemned)
Billy Budd Foretopman (Claggart falsely accuses Billy; Billy kills Claggart; Captain
Vere reluctantly hangs Billy),
Battle-Pieces and Aspects of the War,
Clarel A Poem and A Pilgrimage in the Holy Land (theological student Clarel loves Jew
Ruth while in Holy Land),
The Confidence-Man His Masquerade (Fidele MS River boat on April Fool's Day; no plot),
The Piazza Tales (short stories including The Bell Tower [artist Bannadonna rivals God],
The Lightning-Rod Man [man refuses to buy lightning-rod because he does not
control or fear God], The Enchanted Isles [sketches based on Galapagos Islands], Benito
Cerreno, Bartleby the Scrivener [Bartleby refuses to do his job proofreading legal
documents, is imprisoned, and starves]),
The American (Christopher Newman, an unsophisticated American, loves Claire de
Bellegarde but opposed by aristocratic family; he decides not to reveal her mom and
brother murdered her father),
The Aspern Papers (former mistress of poet Jeffrey Aspern won't let his poems be published),
The Awkward Age (Nanda Brookenham and her mom love Vanderbank),
The Bostonians (post-Civil War Boston: Olive Chancellor, a radical feminist, and Basil
Ransom, a MS Confederate veteran, compete for Verena Tarrant; Miss Birdseye),
Portrait of a Lady (Isabel Archer marries Gilbert Osmond in Italy; Isabel becomes
disillusioned but stays to raise Pansy, daughter of Gilbert and Madame Merle),
The Wings of the Dove (Kate Croy loves English journalist Merton Densher but gets him
to marry dying friend Milly Theale to inherit her money; Densher cannot accept money or
promise he doesn't love memory of Milly so Kate leaves),
The Ambassadors (New England and France: Lambert Strether sent to Paris by fianc�e
Mrs. Newsome to get her son Chad who loves Madame de Vionnet),
The Golden Bowl (Prince Amerigo marries Maggie Verver but has affair with Maggie's
friend Charlotte Stant; Charlotte marries Maggie's dad Adam Verver),
The Turn of the Screw (governess, in love with employer, cares for orphans Miles and Flora, who
are under evil influence of the ghosts of Peter Quint, ex-stewart, and Miss Jessel,
Roderick Hudson (American sculptor Roderick Hudson, who loves Christina Light, goes
to Rome and becomes disillusioned),
The Princess of Casamassima (Princess Casamassima, formerly Christiana Light, studies
poverty in London and meets radical Hyacinth Robinson),
The Passionate Pilgrim and Other Stories (Clement Searle goes to England to claim rich
estate but dies),
The Spoils of Pynton (Owen Gereth refuses to marry Fleda Vetch so his mom removes
art treasures from his house; he marries Mona Brigstock and offers Fleda art but house
burns down),
What Maisie Knew (12-year-old Maisie Farange spends 6 months with each of divorced
parents, each of whom are remarried and having affairs again),
Notes on Novelists,
The Sacred Fount (older partner is refreshed and younger depleted in marriage),
The Art of the Novel,
Daisy Miller (narrator Frederick Winterbourne regrets rigid adherence to European
conventions when Daisy Miller dies of Roman fever),
The Europeans (artist Felix Young and his sister Baroness Munster visit relatives the
Wentworths in Boston)
The Sun Also Rises (Lost Generation 1925 France: journalist Jake Barnes narrates;
Lady Brett Ashley is divorcing and may love Jake but plans to marry Michael
Campbell and has affair with Spanish bullfighter Pedro Romero in Pamplona;
others include Greek Bill Gorton and American-Jewish writer Robert Cohn),
A Farewell to Arms (WWI ambulance driver Lt. Frederic Henry loves English
nurse Catherine Barkley, who becomes pregnant; Henry deserts after Caporetto
in Italy and they go to Switzerland, where she dies),
In Our Time (short stories about Nick Adams, including Indian Camp and Big
Two-Hearted River),
Men Without Women (short stories including The Killers [Nick Adams warns
Ole Andreson that two hired gunmen from city are coming to kill him], The
Undefeated, Fifty Grand, Hills Like White Elephants, A Simple Inquiry),
For Whom the Bell Tolls (Spanish Civil War: American professor Robert Jordan
assigned by Pablo and Pilar to blow up a bridge; Jordan loves Maria for three
days; Jordan carries out mission but is left to die; title from Donne's Devotions
upon Emergent Occasions),
The Old Man and the Sea (Cuban fisherman Santiago catches marlin on 85th day
but it is slowly eaten by sharks on way home),
The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber (English guide Wilson saves
Macombers from lion on African safari; next day Macomber fights wild buffalo
but wife shoots him),
The Snows of Kilimanjaro (writer Harry goes on African safari to "work fat off
his mind" but gets gangrene, sees vision of a frozen leopard, and dies),
To Have and Have Not (Harry Morgan smuggles Chinese and liquor in Key
West during Depression and is shot)
Soldiers' Pay,
The Reivers,
Sanctuary (Popeye rapes Temple Drake with corn cob and takes her to a
Memphis brothel, but she protest him and testifies against Lee Goodwin,
defended by Horace Benbow, and Goodwin is lynched),
The Sound and the Fury (4 sections narrated by Compson family: idiot Benjy;
Harvard student Quentin, whose ties with sister Caddy shattered by her
loveless marriage; Jason, who keeps money Caddy sends to support daughter
Quentin; black cook Dilsey),
The Hamlet - The Town - The Mansion trilogy (Flem Snopes becomes part
owner of Will Varner's store in Frenchman's Bend and marries his daughter
Eula; becomes VP of bank in Jefferson and drives president Manfred De Spain
from town; Gavin Stevens loves Eula and her daughter Linda),
Go Down Moses (series of stories about McCaslin family in Yoknapatawpha
County, including Was, The Fire and the Hearth, Pantaloon in Black, and The
Bear [hunt for Big Ben]),
Light in August (part-black Joe Christmas employed by Joe Brown has affair
with Joanna Burden and kills her; Christmas is killed by mob; pregnant Lena
Grove comes to Jefferson looking for her lover; Revereand Gail Hightower loses
his church because of devotion to the past),
Absalom Absalom (Thomas Sutpen elected colonel in Jefferson MS's Civil War
regiment; daughter Judith's lover Charles Bon killed by Sutpen's son),
As I Lay Dying (husband Anse and kids Cash, Darl, Jewel, Vardaman, and
Dewey Dell carry body of Addie Bundren to Jefferson MS),
A Fable (allegory of Jesus in WWI France),
Knight's Gambit (stories involving Detective Gavin Stevens, including Monk),
Requiem for a Nun (Temple Drake marries Gowan Stevens; Pete blackmails her; black
servant Nancy Manningoe kills her youngest child, but Temple also is responsible),
Intruder in the Dust (Chick Mallison, Aleck Sander, and Miss Eunice
Habersham prove innocence of non-servile black Lucas Beuchamp),
Sartoris (Col. John Sartoris's descendant Bayard returns from WWI guilty about
brother John's death; grandfather dies of heart attack in car; Bayard marries
Horace Benbow's sister Narcissa; Bayard dies as Ohio test pilot),
The Unvanquished (7 stories about Sartoris family during Civil War; adventures
of Bayard Sartoris and black companion Ringo),
These Thirteen (short stories including A Rose for Emily [Southern spinster
Emily Grierson locks Yankee construction worker Homer Barron, who courted
her, in upstairs bedroom, where he dies])
Ah, Wilderness (July 4 1906: adolescent Tommy Miller in adult world)
All God's Chillun Got Wings (Ella Downey marries lawyer Jim Harris, becomes
racist to feel superior)
Anna Chrisitie (Christopher Christopherson, a Swedish-American barge
captain, sends daughter Anna Chrisite to St. Paul where she becomes a
prostitute; she loves Mat Burke),
Beyond the Horizon (brothers Robert and Andrew Mayo love same woman),
Desire Under the Elms (elderly father Ephraim Cabot marries Abbie, who
seduces his son Eban),
Emperor Jones (Brutus Jones, a former Pullman porter, sets himself up as a
West Indian island dictator but is killed in revolt),
The Great God Brown (successful businessman takes the mask of artist Dion Anthony),
The Iceman Cometh (NYC: salesman Theodore Hickman in End of the Line
Caf� bar tells about killing his wife),
Lazarus Laughed (Lazarus preaches new religion of laughter after being raised
by Jesus; Caligula stabs Lazarus),
Long Day's Journey Into Night (autobiographical story of actor Edmund Tyrone
and family, including drunk son and servant Cathlen),
Marco Millions (Kublai Khan's daughter loves Marco Polo but he only wants money),
A Moon for the Misbegotten (unfulfilled love of alcoholic and farm woman),
Mourning Becomes Electra (trilogy based on Oresteia by Aeschylus, set in post
Civil War NE; General Ezra Mannon's [ Agamemnon] wife Christine
[Clytemnestra] has affair with Adam Brant [Aegisthus], and daughter Lavinia
[Electra] persuades her brother Orin [Orestes] to shoot him),
Strange Interlude (Nina Leeds' fianc�e dies in WWI; she marries Sam Evans but
aborts their child but has baby from affair with Dr. Darrell),
The Hairy Ape (ship stoker Yank rejected by IWW and crushed by gorilla at NYC zoo)
Troilus and Criseyde (Trojan prince Troilus pursues Cressida during Trojan War
truce; Pandarus helps them get together; her dad exchanges her for a Trojan prisoner;
Diomedes brings her to Greek camp and she is unfaithful, as Troilus's sister Cassandra
predicted; Troilus sees Diomedes with brooch he gave Criseyde and fights him in battle
but is killed by Achilles)
House of Fame (finds engraving of Dido and Aeneas in Venus's Temple, lady Fame
distributes fame and slander arbitrarily; unfinished),
The Legend of Good Women (Queen Alceste has Chaucer write about 20 women who
suffered or died because they were faithful in love, including Cleopatra, Thisbe, Dido,
Medea, Ariadne, and Philomela),
The Book of the Duchess (elegy on death of John of Gaunt's wife Blanche of Lancaster,
Halcyon and Ceyx story),
The Parliament of Fowls (Scipio Africanus appears to younger Scipio in dream; on
Valentine's Day 3 fowls fight over formel eagle),
Canterbury Tales (Tabard Inn in Southwark, pilgrimage to St. Thomas a Becket shrine in
Canterbury: tales told by
Prioress [schoolboy sings hymn about Mary in Jewish ghetto and has throat cut
but is saved by Mary, who commands him to sing until a grain is removed from
his tongue],
Monk [17 8-line tragedies including Bernabo of Milan, Ugolino, Pedro of Spain,
Pedro of Cyprus, Lucifer, Adam, Samson, Heracles, Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar,
Zonobia, Nero, Holofernes, Antiochus, Alexander, Caesar, and Croesus],
Friar [Summoner and Devil swear friendship],
Knight [Theseus defeats Creon at Thebes; Arcite dies after winning tournament
for the hand of Hippolyta's sister Emily and his cousin Palamon marries her],
Melibee [Melibee forgives 3 enemies who beat his wife Prudence and killed his
daughter Sophie],
Miller [carpenter John's wife Alison scorns Absolon but loves Nicholas, who
convinces John to suspend three tubs in the attic in preparation for a second
Flood; Absolon brands Nicholas's rump],
Man of Law [mom of Sultan of Syria puts Constance adrift; washed ashore in
Northumberland and marries King Alla],
Wife of Bath [used tricks to keep first 4 husbands in hand; married 5th for love,
but after a fight he let her run everything; foul witch tells Arthur's knight what
women most desire is sovereignty over husbands and makes him marry her; he
gives her choice of beauty or fidelity and gets both],
Physician [Virginia killed by judge father, whom Apius condemns to hanging
but people revolt and the judge commits suicide],
Pardoner [3 revelers want to slay Death, who killed their friend with plague; find
treasure under tree; stab and poison each other over the gold],
Nun's Priest [fox Don Russell seizes rooster Chauntecleer, as he had dreamed,
but had been mocked by wife Pertelote],
Parson [description of Confession, 7 Deadly Sins, and Penitence; Chaucer's Retractions],
Reeve [miller Simkin steals grain from scholars John and Alan, who spend the
night at his house and sleep with his wife and daughter],
Manciple [archer Phebus's white crow tells him his wife had affair; he kills her
but then turns against the tattle-tale crow],
Merchant [knight January's sight restored but his wife May has affair with Damyan],
Second Nun [Cecilia converts husband Valerian and his brother Tiburtius; Almachius
tries to make them sacrifice to Jupiter but they refuse and are executed],
Shipman [monk John spends night with merchant's wife; John gets loan from merchant],
Squire [knight brings gifts on birthday of Tartar king Cambuscan; Cambuscan's
daughter Canacee wears ring that lets her talk to a falcon],
Canon's Yeoman [describes futility of alchemy],
Clerk [Marquis Walter marries Griselda and tests her loyalty],
Roger the Cook [apprentice Perkin likes dice and women],
Franklin [Aurelius removes all rocks from British coast to win Arveragus's wife Dorigen])
(First Folio compiled by Heminges and Condell, including all but Pericles) -
All's Well That Ends Well (France: Helena cures French king and chooses to
marry Bertram, she tricks him to gain his ring and bear his child),
As You Like It (Rosalind disguises herself as boy Ganymede and meets
Orlando, who is reconciled to his brother Oliver by saving his life; Duke
Frederick becomes a monk and four couples are united at feast of Hymen;
clown Touchstone woos Audrey),
Comedy of Errors (Aemilia and Aegeon have twins, both named
Antipholus, and both with slaves Dromio; one goes to Syracuse and one to
Ephesus but eventually reunited after much confusion),
Cymbeline (Britain: King Cymbeline banishes Posthumous Leonatus who
married his daughter Imogen; in Rome Iachimo bets Imogen will be unfaithful
and steals her bracelet; servant Pisanio allows Imogen to escape dressed as a
boy; Iachimo's villany exposed),
Love's Labor's Lost (4 men vow to eschew women for 3 years but fall in love;
King Ferdinand of Navarre with French princess, Biron with Rosaline, Longaville
with Maria, and Dumain with Katherine; others include Don Armado, clown
Costard, and constable Dull),
Measure for Measure (Vienna: Duke Vincentio disguises self as Friar Lodowick
and appoints Antonio to enforce laws; Claudio sentenced to death for seducing
Juliet; his sister Isabella refuses to yield to Antonio to save Claudio; Lodowick
arranges to trick Antonio into thinking Mariana is Isabella),
Merchant of Venice (Antonio borrows money from Jewish Shylock to send
Bassanio from Venice to Belmont to marry Portia, promising a pound of flesh if
not repaid in three months; Portia and maid Nerissa rescue Antonio at his trial;
Shylock's daughter Jessica elopes with Bassanio's friend Lorenzo),
Merry Wives of Windsor (Sir John Falstaff tries to seduce Mrs. Ford and Mrs.
Page, who trick him; Mr. Ford disguises self as Mr. Brook; Slender and Dr. Caius
love Mrs. Page's daughter Anne but she elopes with Fenton)
Midsummer Night's Dream (Theseus duke of Athens marries Amazon Queen
Hippolyta; Egeus makes his daughter Hermia, who loves Lysander,
marry Demetrius, who is loved by Helena; found by Fairy King Oberon and
Queen Titania; Puck uses magic love-juice; weaver Bottom and his artisans
perform Pyramus and Thisbe play),
Much Ado about Nothing (friends get Benedick and Beatrice to marry; Don
John stages assignation between Borachio and Margaret to keep Claudio from
marrying Hero but fails),
Pericles Prince of Tyre (Pericles accuses King Antiochus of incest with
daughter; Pericles flees Tyre and is shipwrecked at Pentapolis and marries King
Simonides' daughter Thaisa; Thaisa has baby Marina but is presumed dead and
put to sea in a chest; Ephesian Cerimon revives Thaisa and she becomes
votaress in temple of Diana; Cleon raises Marina but wife Dionyza tries to kill
her, but is rescued by pirates and marries Lysimachus; Pericles finds Marina),
Taming of the Shrew (play performed for drunken tinker Christopher Sly;
Petruchio marries high-tempered Katharina, daughter of Baptista, and "tames
her", winning a bet on test of wife's obedience; Lucentio becomes tutor of
Katharina's sister Bianca and marries her),
The Tempest (Prospero's brother Antonio and King Alonso of Naples, who had
usurped his dukedom of Milan 12 years earlier, wreck in tempest on enchanted
island where Prospero reigns; they search for Alonso's son Ferdinand, who
landed elsewhere and fell in love with Prospero's daughter Miranda; sprite
Ariel plays music; all reconciled),
Trolius and Cressida (Trojan prince Troilus pursues Cressida during Trojan War
truce; Pandarus helps them get together; her dad exchanges her for a Trojan
prisoner; Diomedes brings her to Greek camp; at feast in Achilles' tent Troilus
learns she is unfaithful; Hector kills Patroclus and Achilles kills Hector),
Twelfth Night or What You Will (Sebastian and sister Viola shipwreck off
Illyria; she disguises self as boy Cesario, becomes page of Orsino, and loves
him; Orsino loves Olivia, who mourns for her dead brother; Olivia loves Viola
and marries look-alike Sebastian; Orsino marries Viola; Maria, Sir Toby Belch,
and Sir Andrew Aguecheek work against Olivia's steward Malvolio in low comedy),
Two Gentlemen of Verona (friends Valentine and Proteus both want duke of
Milan's daughter Silvia, who loves foolish Thurio; Proteus dumps Julia and
banishes Valentine; Silvia joins Valentine and they are pursued by Proteus,
whose page is Julia disguised; Valentine rescues Silvia from Proteus and they
marry; Proteus repents and marries Julia);
Hamlet (Denmark: when Hamlet's dad dies, uncle Claudius marries his mom
Gertrude and becomes king; dad's ghost accuses Claudius of murdering him;
Polonius [who gives advice to son: "to thine own self be true"] believes Hamlet
is mad because he rejects his daughter Ophelia; Claudius reacts violently to play
about the king's death; Hamlet mistakenly kills Polonius and is sent to England
with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern who have letters telling king to kill Hamlet;
Ophelia commits suicide; Hamlet and her brother Laertes both die in duel;
Norway King Fortinbras restores order),
Othello The Moor of Venice (Iago offended because Othello appointed Cassio
chief lieutenant; Iago hints Othello's wife Desdemona, daughter of Senator
Brabantio, had affair with Cassio; finds her handkerchief in Cassio's
possession; Othello strangles Desdemona; Iago's wife Emilia discovers plot;
Iago tortured; "loved not wisely but too well"),
King Lear (King Lear divides kingdom among two daughters Regan and Goneril
who pretended to love him; third daughter Cordelia becomes wife of French king
and is later hanged; Lear's servant earl of Kent is put in stocks; Edmund turns
Gloucester against his real son Edgar),
Macbeth (shortest Shakespeare play; tribute to James I; three witches tell
Macbeth he will be thane of Glamis, thane of Cawdor, and king, and that sons of
friend Banquo will later be kings; Lady Macbeth convinces him to murder King
Duncan; Macbeth murders Banquo but his son Fleance escapes; Lady Macbeth
sleepwalks and commits suicide; Macduff and Duncan's son Malcolm kill
Macbeth and Malcolm becomes king),
Julius Caesar (Cassius convinces Brutus that Julius Caesar is threat to Rome;
Brutus talks with wife Portia; Brutus and Cassius murder Caesar on Ides of March
although he had been warned by wife Calpurnia; Antony speaks at Caesar's
funeral and inflames citizens against murderers, Cassius and Brutus lose to
Antony, Lepidus, and Octavius at Philippi and commit suicide),
Antony and Cleopatra (Rome and Egypt: Marc Antony, Roman triumvir,
leaves wife Octavia for Cleopatra, queen of Egypt; loses Battle of Actium to
Octavian; Antony and Cleopatra commit suicide),
Romeo and Juliet (Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet secretly married by
Friar Laurence; her cousin Tybalt kills his friend Mercutio and Romeo kills Tybalt
and is banished from Verona; Juliet takes sleeping potion rather than marry Paris;
Romeo drinks poison; Juliet stabs self),
Timon of Athens (Timon abandoned by friends when he has financial problems
as Apemantus had warned; Timon leaves Athens and finds gold and General
Alcibiades in a cave; Timon finances Alcibiades' expedition against Athens
because he was banished for defending a condemned soldier; servant Flavius
rewarded; they reach compromise with Athens to only get revenge on enemies
but then Timon dies),
Titus Andronicus (Titus Andronicus beats Goths and returns to Rome with
Queen Tamora and 3 sons; 1 son sacrificed; Saturninus declared emperor and
claims Titus's daughter Lavinia; his brother Bassanius abducts Lavinia and he
marries Tamora; Tamora and Moorish lover Aaron kill Bassanius and rape
Lavinia, cutting off her hands and tongue; 2 of Titus's sons executed and
another banished, and leads Gothic army; Titus serves Tamora her sons in a
pie, kills Lavinia, and stabs Tamora; Saturninus kills Titus and is killed by Lucius),
Coriolanus (Caius Martius renamed Coriolanus after defeating Volscians at
Corioli; joins Aufidius and plans to attack Rome; persuaded by mom Volumnia
and wife Virgilia to spare city; murdered by Aufidius),
Winter's Tale (Queen Hermione invites King Polixenes of Bohemia to stay
longer but King Leontes orders Camillo to poison him, but Camillo flees with
Polixenes; Hermione sent to prison and daughter abandoned on shore; Leontes
repents; 16 years later Polixenes' son Florizel loves Leontes' lost daughter
Perdita, a shepherdess, and they flee to Sicilia and marry; Leontes and
Polixenes reconciled);
historical dramas:
King John (King John, supported by Philip Faulconbridge, fights Arthur duke of
Brittany and the pope; John is poisoned and son Henry III becomes king),
Richard II (King Richard banishes Henry Bolingbroke and Thomas Mowbray; Henry's
dad John of Gaunt dies and Richard confiscates inheritance to finance Irish war;
Henry invades England and imprisons Richard, becoming King Henry IV; Sir
Pierce of Exton murders Richard and Henry does penance in Holy Land),
Richard III (Richard duke of Gloucester causes death of brother George duke of
Clarence and marries Lady Anne; imprisons Edward's sons in Tower and
seizes power with duke of Buckingham's help; defeated at Bosworth Field by
Lancaster under earl of Richmond ["a horse a horse my kingdom for a horse"],
earl of Richmond becomes King Henry VII and marries Elizabeth, ending 30 year
War of the Roses),
Henry IV Part I (Henry Percy [Hotspur] defeats Scottish barons and demands
ransom of Edmund Mortimer, captured by Owen Glendower; Henry IV refuses
to ransom the pretender to the throne, so Percy family joins the rebels; Prince
Hal [future Henry V] follows Sir John Falstaff and his revelers but defeats
rebels at Shrewsbury, killing Hotspur),
Henry IV Part II (earl of Northumberland leads rebels who agree to disband but
treacherous John of Lancaster kills them; Hal becomes king and banishes Falstaff),
Henry V (Henry V invades France, wins at Agincourt 1415, and marries Catherine of Valois;
Falstaff dies),
Henry VI Part I (Henry VI's uncles John duke of Bedford and Humphrey duke
of Gloucester take control; French under Joan La Pucelle drive out English;
Richard Plantagenet quarrels with Beuforts of Lancaster; Henry marries
Margaret of Anjou rather than daughter of French earl of Armagnac),
Henry VI Part II (Margaret of Anjou and duke of Suffolk convict duchess of
Gloucester of sorcery to force Humprhey's retirement; Riachard Plantagenet
encourages Jack Cade to rebel, then defeats Henry at St. Albans 1455),
Henry VI Part III (Richard Plantagenet agrees to let Henry VI rule during his
lifetime; Margaret of Anjou puts Richard to death at Wakefield but his sons
Edward IV and Richard III defeat her at Towton; Edward IV becomes king and
marries Lady Elizabeth Grey and defeats Margaret at Tewkesbury 1471, killing
Henry's son Edward prince of Wales; Richard III murders Henry in the Tower),
Henry VIII (Edward Stafford wanted to warn Henry about Cardinal Wolsey but
is falsely accused of treason and executed; Thomas Cranmer annuls Henry's
marriage to Katharine of Aragon and Henry marries Anne Bullen),
Sonnets (154; 3 quatrains and couplet; 1-126 to noble friend, maybe Henry Wriothesley
earl of Southampton; 127-152 to "Dark Lady"; 153-154 Greek epigram), The Phoenix and
the Turtle, Venus and Adonis, The Rape of Lucrece
Bleak House (Chancery, London: narrator Esther Summerson, illegitimate daughter of
Lady Dedlock and Captain Hawdon; lawyer Mr. Tulkinghorn suspects past and is killed,
as is Lady Dedlock; Krook spontaneously combusts; Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce case drags
on for years in courts),
Oliver Twist (Oliver born in workhouse and asked for more gruel; apprenticed by Mr.
Bumble to undertaker Mr. Sowerberry; gang under Fagin including Jack Dawkins the
Artful Dodger, Nancy, Bill Sikes, and Charley Bates tries to make Oliver a thief;
half-brother Monks tries to corrupt him to get all of father's property; adopted by Mr.
Brownlow and cared for by Mrs. Maylie and foster child Rose [his aunt]),
David Copperfield (London: David Copperfield sent to Mr. Creakle's school by cruel
stepfather Mr. Murdstone; idolizes classmate Steerforth; works in warehouse and lives
with Mr. Micawber; runs away to great-aunt Betsey Trotwood; later lives with lawyer
Mr. Wickfield; marries Dora Spenlow but she dies; unctuous Uriah Heep foiled; David
marries Wickfield's daughter Agnes; other characters include reliable Traddles,
"ever willin'" Barkis, and eccentric Peggotty family),
Great Expectations (Philip Pirrip [Pip] raised by blacksmith Joe Gargery; meets convict
Magwitch; visits Miss Havisham, who had been left at the altar years before, and her
niece Estella; goes to London due to patron Magwitch, who is Estella's father; Estella's
husband Bentley Drummle dies),
Our Mutual Friend (Mr. Boffins and Wilfer's friend John Harmon left a fortune if he will
marry Bella Wilfer; disguises self as John Rokesmith and falls in love with Bella and
drops assumed name and gets fortune),
Barnaby Rudge (Barnaby participates in anti-Catholic Gordon Riots of 1780 and
sentenced to death but reprieved by Gabriel Varden; carries raven Grip with him; father
murdered employer Mr. Haredale),
A Christmas Carol (miser Ebinezer Scrooge, partner of deceased Marley, converted by
visions of past, present, and future Christmases; sees the Cratchits, including Tiny Tim
and Bob, Scrooge's secretary),
A Tale of Two Cities (Dr. Alexander Manette, unjustly imprisoned in Bastille, is released
and waits for rescuers in attic of Defarge's wine shop, and then returns to London with
daughter Lucie; St. Evremonde's nephew Charles Darnay is accused of treason but
defense counsel Stryver points out resemblance to Sydney Carton; Darnay marries Lucie
and later returns to Paris to save a servant but is arrested during French Revolution;
Sydney takes Charles's place on the guillotine because he loves Lucie),
Dombey and Sons (Mr. Dombey wants son Paul to continue his business but he dies;
ignored daughter Florence but later reconciled),
Martin Chezzlewit (Martin Chezzlewit turned away by grandfather and goes to US with
friend Mark Tapley; loses everything as architect for fraudulent Eden Land Corp; returns
home and marries Mary Graham; Jonas Chuzzlewit poisons dad, murders Montague Tigg,
and marries Mercy Pecksniff),
Little Dorrit (William Dorrit raises kids Edward, Fanny, and Amy in debtor's prison;
comes into fortune and all become despicable except Amy, who marries poor Arthur
Clennam in Marshalsea prison; Arthur struggles with Circumlocution Office),
The Pickwick Papers (pseudonym Boz; illustrated by Seymour; letters about club
founded by Samuel Pickwick; "Pickwickian sense" means insults that aren't really meant;
others include servant Sam Weller, landlady Mrs. Bardell, lawyers Dodson, Fogg, and
Serjeant Buzfuz, and actor Alfred Jingle),
Nicholas Nickleby (to support mom and sister Nicholas Nickleby works as usher for
cruel Wackford Squeers, in Mr. Crummles theater, and Cheeryble counting house; sister
Kate worked for milliner Mantalini; Uncle Ralph encourages Mulberry Hawk to seduce
Kate; Gride loves Madeline Bray; Ralph learns mistreated Smike is his son and commits
suicide; others include Ralph's clerk Newman Noggs),
The Mystery of Edwin Drood (orphans Edwin Drood and Rosa Bud betrothed by fathers
but break off engagement; Edwin murdered and Neville Landless is arrested but released;
Edwin's Uncle Jasper pursues Rosa; Mr. Datchery investigates; unfinished),
Hard Times (Thomas Gradgrind, a retired merchant, raises Louisa and Tom in grim
practicality; Louisa marries Tom's employer Josiah Bounderby; Tom robs bank and frames
Stephen Blackpool),
The Old Curiosity Shop (Daniel Quilp takes over curiosity shop of Nell Trent's
grandfather after he loses money gambling; Little Nell and grandfather work for Mrs.
Jarley's Wax Works and Thomas Codlin's puppet show; given house by schoolmaster
Mr. Marton and Little Nell tends graves; friend Kit Nubbles and grandfather's brother
search but find them dead; Kit marries Barbara)
Heart of Darkness (1890 Belgian Congo, Congo River: narrator Marlowe searches jungle
for powerful trader Kurtz; tells of exploitation of natives),
Lord Jim (Jim abandons sinking Indian ship Patna, but the 800 Muslims are rescued; he
lives in African trading post Patusan but his white friends betray him and murder Chief
Doramin's son Dain Waris, and he is executed),
The Secret Sharer,
The Outcast of the Islands (Williems given native Aissa in return for throttling Almayer's trade),
Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard (Charles Gould, owner of a silver mine in Costaguana
South America, neglects wife Dona Emilia; during revolution, Gould puts "incorruptible"
foreman Nostromo in charge of some silver; Nostromo buries it and is killed; others include
Dr. Monygham and Paris reporter Martin Decourd),
Almayer's Folly,
The Niger of the Narcissus (black sailor James Wait dies of TB; Donkin tries to stir mutiny),
The Secret Agent (Verloc persuades brother-in-law Stevie to blow up Greenwich
Observatory, which he does and dies; Verloc killed by wife Winnie),
Victory (wanderer Axel Heyst goes to South Seas with Lena; hotel manager Schomberg
loves Lena and sends men to invade Heyst's sanctuary; Lena is killed),
The Secret Sharer (captain takes on board a murderer who is his double),
The Shadow Line (captain grows mature by taking ship through difficult calm),
Typhoon (Captain MacWhirr brings Chinese passengers safely through tempest),
Under Western Eyes (Razumov betrays Haldin, who assassinated an official, becomes
spy in Geneva, loves Haldin's sister Nathalie, confesses to revolutionaries, is beaten,
and is returned to Russia)
Man and Superman (Ann Whitefield pursues John Tanner, who talks with superman Don Juan
and the Devil in Hell; others include chauffeur Henry Straker and bandit Mendoza),
Adrocles and the Lion,
Candida (Candida Morell stays with weak Christian Socialist clergyman husband rather
than go with Eugene Marchbanks)
Heartbreak House (WWI England: Ellie Dunn searches for husband among guests at sea
captain's home; guests represent a modern evil; Boss Mangan [capitalist] killed by bomb;
Ellie marries Capt. Shotover),
Saint Joan (Joan of Arc surprised to become saint but offer to return is refused),
Mrs. Warren's Profession (Mrs. Warren admits to daughter Vivie she is a madam),
The Devil's Disciple (American Revolution: Dick Dudgeon allows himself to be
executed in place of Parson Anderson),
Back to Methuselah (5-parts from Garden of Eden to 1920 England to AD 31920),
Pygmalion (phonetics Prof. Henry Higgins teaches Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle to
speak like a lady; she loves him),
Cesar and Cleopatra (giddy teenager Cleopatra loses charm under Caesar's tutelage),
Arms and the Man (Bulgaria: mercenary Bluntschli takes Raina from Major Sergius; title
from Aeneid; made into The Chocolate Soldier opera by Oskar Straus),
Major Barbara (Salvation Army major Barbara refuses "tainted" money from armament
company owner Undershaft [her dad] and a whisky dealer but comes to recognize poverty
not sin causes crime),
John Bull's Other Island (Irish Larry Doyle and English Tom Broadbent; Tom gains
Larry's property and girlfriend because he is ambitious and Larry is reticent)
A Doll's House (Nora Helmer commits forgery to save banker husband Torvald's life; she realizes
he views her as a doll and leaves him; contrasted with Krogstad and Kristine Linde),
Hedda Gabler (Hedda Gobler steals book from Eilert Lovberg, who had been reformed
by wife Thea Elvsted and became rival of Hedda's husband for professorship, and gives
him a gun to commit suicide; Judge Brack extorts Hedda and she commits suicide; selfless
Miss Juliana Tesman),
Ghosts (widow Helene Alving tells Paster Manders that she will open an orphanage in
memory of her late drunken husband; son Oswald is dying of hereditary syphilis),
Peer Gynt (Peer Gynt ships missionaries and idols to China, makes and loses money, saves his life
at expense of another in shipwreck; Button Molder tries to melt him in his ladle, but is
rescued by Soveig; Great Boyg tries to eat him; he marries Troll King's daughter),
When We Dead Awaken (sculptor Rubek meets his model Irene; she says they have both
been dead for years; they go into wild mountains and are swallowed in storm),
Rosmersholm (Rebecca West gets Johannes Rosmer's wife Beata to commit suicide so he
can marry her; Johannes and Rebecca leap into millrace and die)
John Gabriel Borkman (Borkman broke engagement to Ella Rentheim because of Hinkel
whose help he needed; married Ella's sister; jailed for misuse of bank money),
An Enemy of the People (Dr. Stockman wants to close tourist spa for repairs),
The Master Builder (architect Halvard Soness, married to Aline, fears new generation of
architects; Hilde Wanger inspires him to try to build a castle in the sky but he dies),
The Wild Duck (schoolfriend idealist Gregers Werle tries to free photographer Hjalmar
Ekdal from illusions; Hjalmar rejects daughter Hedvig believing she is not his; Gregers
tells Hedvig her dad will accept her if she sacrifices her beloved wild duck but she shoots
self instead)
Crime and Punishment (St. Petersburg: Raskolnikov murders old pawnbroker and her
sister; his motives are proven false by his conscience; turns to prostitute Sonya
Marmeladovna, who convinces him to confess to policeman Porfiry Petrovich;
Raskolnikov and Sonya go to Sibera),
The Idiot (Prince Mishkin pities Nastasya Filipovna, whom Rogozhin loves; Mishkin proposes
to Aglaya Epanchin; Rogozhin tries to murder Mishkin and does kill Natasya),
The Possessed (spiritual nihilist Nikolay Stavrogin commits crimes and infects Shatov
and Kirilov with ideas he does not believe; Lizaveta Nikolayevna loves Stavrogin
but he marries cripple Marya Lebyadkin; Pyotr Verkhoven tries to get Stavrogin to
join revolution; Verkhovensky murders Shatov),
The Brothers Karamazov (Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov and son Dmitri compete for Grushenka;
Fyodor is murdered; Dmitri [passionate] brought to trial; Ivan [intellectual] feels guilty,
Alyosha [mystical] introduces Zosima; Smerdyakov [bastard]; Ivan tells Alyosha The
Legend of the Grand Inquisitor parable [Jesus is arrested by Inquisition in Seville]),
The Double (government clerk Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin driven mad when another
Golyadkin appears and succeeds as he had yearned to; helped by servant Petrushka),
Notes from the Underground (recounts adventures of author's life),
A Diary of a Writer (includes The Meek One and The Dream of a Ridiculous Man stories),
The Raw Youth (Versilov's illegitimate son Arkady goes to St. Petersburg but learns his dad is
his rival for Katerina Akhmatovo; Arkady gets brain fever and is visited by pilgrim Makar
Dolgoruky; Arkady abandons plan to become Rothshild and make money to get power),
The Insulted and Injured (Vanya loves Natasha Ikhmeneva but helps her woo Alyosha Valkovsky;
Ivan and Prince Valkovsky debate philosophy; Dickens character Nelly appears),
The Friend of the Family (Foma Opsikin rules household by playing on master's guilt),
The Gambler (Aleksey Ivanovich has gambling weakness; Polina based on Dostoyevsky's lover),
Poor Folk (drunk clerk Makar Devushkin loves Varvara Dobroselova but she marries
wealthy landlord),
The Eternal Husband (Pavel Pavlovich Trusotsky torments wife's ex-lover Aleksey
Ivanovich Velchaninov and mistreats his girl)
The Sea Gull (writer Konstantin Trepliov loves actress Nina Zarechnaya; his play is a
failure and she takes interest in writer Trigorin, lover of Trepliov's mom Irina Arkadina;
Trepliov kills gull and places it at Nina's feet; Trigorin becomes good writer and Nina is
cast away by Trigorin; Trepliov kills self),
Uncle Vanya Scenes from Country Life in Four Acts (Ivan Voinitsky [Uncle Vanya]
manages estate of brother-in-law Prof. Aleksandr Serebryakov, who he learns is
somewhat a fraud; Vanya loves Serebryakov's second wife Elena Andreyevna;
Serebryakov agrees not to sell the estate Vanya has worked so hard for after he tries
to shoot him),
Three Sisters (Andrey Prozorov wants to be professor but wife Natalya Ivanovna
becomes despotic; sister Masha marries schoolmaster Kulygin but has affair with officer
Vershinin, who moves away; youngest sister Irina marries officer Baron Tuzenbakh who
is killed in a duel; other sister is Olga; all want to go to Moscow),
The Cherry Orchard (Ranevsky family estate sold at auction to Lopakhin who builds
houses on it),
A Dreary Story (Prof. Nikolay Stepanovich and ward Katya review their aimless lives but
cannot communicate to each other),
My Life (Poleznev becomes a laborer),
Peasants (long story about somber peasant life),
Ward No. 6 (mental hospital head Dr. Andrey Ragin withdraws into private study and
alcohol, neglecting patients, except for conversations with Ivan Gromov, and is himself
committed and experiences the maltreatment he allowed the patients to undergo)
The Cyclops,
Electra (Aegisthus makes Electra marry an old farmer; Orestes and
Pylades murder Aegisthus and then Clytemnestra, who is portrayed as a
victim unlike in Sophocles' Electra),
Orestes (Tyndareus, dad of Clytemnestra and Helen, convinces
Menelaus to execute Electra and Orestes; Electra, Orestes, and friend
Pylades go to Argive Assembly and plan to kill Helen and take her
daughter Hermione; Apollo [deus ex machina] dictates that Orestes
marry Hermione, Electra marry Pylades, and takes Helen to sky as
beacon for sailors),
The Bacchants (King Pentheus of Thebes torn to pieces by mom
Medea (Jason, Medea),
The Phoenician Women (story of Seven Against Thebes; Creon's son
Menoceus kills self to save city; Jocasta kills self; Antigone exiles self
with dad Oedipus rather than marry Creon's son Haemon),
Iphigenia in Aulis (Agamemnon sacrifices daughter Iphigenia to get
good winds in Aulis harbor),
Iphigenia in Tauris (Orestes and Pylades go to Tauris to rescue statue
of Artemis, which Apollo said would cure Orestes' madness; high
priestess Iphigenia recognizes brother and they escape with Athena's
Hecuba (Polyxena and Polydorus, the last 2 of Hecuba's 50 kids, are
killed, and she takes revenge on Polymestor; Agamemnon decides
against Polymestor),
The Suppliant Women (mothers of Seven Against Thebes ask Theseus
to bury their sons),
Helen (Helen brought to Egypt and Paris abducts phantom like Helen;
Menelaus realizes Trojan War was pointless),
The Children of Heracles (Eurystheus makes Heracles do 12 labors;
Iolaus kills Eurystheus to free Heracles's children)
The Trojan Women (Priam's widow Hecuba and their son Hector's
widow Andromache and mad Cassandra made slaves; Greeks sacrifice
Hector's sister Polyxena to Achilles' ghost and throw his son Astyanax
from walls; Helen persuades husband Menelaus not to kill her; play
indicts Greeks for slaughter of Melos natives),
Alcestis (Alcestis dies in place of husband Admetus but rescued by