NBE funeral directing

set 1
Acknowledgment Cards
cards of recognition sent to friends for kindnessshown to a deceased's family
an alter attendant
Adaptive Funeral Rite
a funeral rite that is adjusted to the needs and wants of those directly involved; one which has been altered to suit the trends of the times
Aftercare (Post-Funeral Follow-Up)
those appropriate and helpful acts of counseling that come after the funeral
in the Islam faith, the name of God
an, an elevated place or structure on which sacrifices are offered or at which religious rites are performed; in the Christian faith, a table on which the Eucharist or Holy Communion is offered
Alternative Container
an unfinished wood box or other non-metal receptacle or enclosure, without ornamentation or a fixed interior lining, which is designed for the encasement of human remains and which is made of fiberboard, pressed-wood, composition materials (with or without an outside covering) or like materials.
in the Roman Catholic faith, the head of an archdicese
Hebrew word meaning container; a casket made entirely of wood, containing no metal parts
Arrangements Conference
the meeting between the funeral director and the client family during which the funeral arrangements are discussed
Artificial Grass
An imitation of grass made in mat form and used at the cemetery to cover the earth around the grave.
At-Need Counseling
counseling with the family as they select the services and items of merchansdise in completing arrangments for the funeral service of their choice when a death has occured
leader of multiple churches in a particular denomination; in the Roman Catholic faith, the head of a diocese; in the LDS (Mormon) church, Bishop of the ward is leader of a single church
The name of the Buddhist faith to describe a calendar that is used to determine an accurate time for casketing the body
in the Roman Catholic faith, a man who is a member of religious order without being ordanied or while preparing for ordination
relating to a social organization
see Interment and Inhumement/Inhumation
Burial-Transit Permit (Disposition Permit)
a legal document, issued by a governmental agency, authorzing transportation and/or disposition of a dead human body
Calling Hours
see Visitation/Visiting Hours
Canopy (Cememtery Tent)
a portable shelter used to cover the grave area during the committal
a religious singer who assists the clergy; assiste the Rabbi in the Jewish faith; assists the Priest in the Eastern Orthodox faith
in the Roman Catholic faith, a dignity conferred upon Bishops making them Princes of the Church
Cash Advance
Cash advance items may include, but are not limited to: cemetery or crematory services, pallbearers, public transportation, clergy honoraria, flowers, musicians or singers, nurses, obituary notices, gratuities, and death certificates; sometimes called an accommodation or cash disbursement.
Casketbearer (Pallbearer)
One who actively bears or carries the casket during the funeral service and at the committal service.
the officiant who celebrates the Mass in the Roman Catholic Church
an area of ground set aside and dedicated for the final disposistion of dead human bodies
Cemetery Tent
see Canopy
Certified Copy of a Death Certificate
a legal copy of the original death certificate
the portion of the church surrounding the altar, usually enclosing the clegy, area behind the altar or communion rail
a building or designated area of a building in which services are conducted
a person chosen to conduct religious services exercises for the military, the chapel of an institution or a fraternal organization
Chevrah Kadisha
Hebrew phrase meaning "Holy Society," a group of men or women from the synagogue who care for the dead; they may be referred to by laymen as the "washers;" in the past, took care of all funeral arrangements and preparation for Jewish funerals.
Christian Burial Certificate/Christian Burial Permit
a letter or form from a priest stating the eligibility of the deceased for burial in a Roman Catholic Cemetery; a.k.a. Priest(ly) Lines
a structure, room, or space in a mausoleum or other building containing niches or recesses used to hold cremated remains
Committal Service
that portion of the funeral that in conducted at the place of disposition of dead human bdies
Common Carrier
any carrier required by law to convey passengers or freight without refusal if the approved fare or charge is paid (airline, train, etc.)
Contemporary Funeral Rite
funeral observances that relect present day (modern) influences in lieu of (or in addition to or as part of) the traditional ceremonies
a public officer whose chief duty is to investigate questionable deaths. (Also see: Medical Examiner)
Cortege (archaic term)
see Funeral Procession
a portable stretcher commonly employed in an ambulance or transfer vehicle for the moving of the sick, injured, or deceased
Cremated Human Remains
the reduction of a dead human body to inorganic fragments by intense heat in a specifically designed retort
see Crematory
Crematory (Crematorium)
a furnace or retort for cremating dead human bodies; a building that houses a retort
a religious emblem consisting of two plain bars that intersect at right angles to each other
see Crucifer/Crossbearer
one who carries the crucifix/cross during an ecclesiastical procession
a cross with a figure or image representing the body of Christ (Corpus) on it
a chamber in a mausoleum, generally used to contain the casketed remains of a deased person
a subordinate officer in a Christian church