80 terms

Chapt. 4,5,& 7

act of admission
In order for a new State to be admitted to the Union, Congress must pass an ______________ after a State constitution has been approved by the people of the proposed State.
grants-in-aid program
States received grants of the federal land under a ________________ for the purpose of establishing schools and colleges.
enabling act
Congress must pass a ____________ before a territory can write a proposed State constitution.
Privileges and Immunities Clause
According to the _____________________, a State cannot take unfair advantage in its laws of the residents of another State.
_____________ the smallest unit of election administration.
political party
_________________ a group of people joined together on the basis of common principles, who seek to control government and public policy.
pluralistic society
________________ consisting of several distinct cultures and groups.
major parties
________________ the dominant political parties in the United States.
split-ticket voting
_______________ casting ballots for candidates from different parties for different offices in the same election.
______________ a unit into which cities are divided for the election of the city council members.
splinter parties
_____________ parties that have been broken off from one of the major parties.
_____________ the greatest number of votes cast for a single office.
_____________ the people eligible to vote in any given election.
political party
_____________ group that seeks to control government by winning elections and holding public office.
____________ the two major parties acting together and cooperating when making decisions.
two-party system
Because the United States has a _____________, the only candidates who have a reasonable chance of winning an election are either Republicans or Democrats.
minor party
Any party that has less support than one of the major political parties in the United States is a ______________.
economic protest parties
Parties that want to express their discontent with the major parties and current economy are known as _________________.
one-party system
In dictatorships, the ____________ could more realistically be called a "non-party" system.
Congress and the State legislatures are often organized on party lines and conduct mush of their business based on ________________.
single-issue parties
______________ seek to cause a change on one public policy matter.
A _____________ is a union of many people of diverse interests who have joined together.
coattail effect
The ___________ occurs when a strong candidate running for an office at the top of a ballot helps attract voters to other candidates on the party's ticket.
runoff primary
In the __________, the two top vote getters in a direct primary face one another, with the winner receiving the nomination.
polling place
A ____________ is where voters who live in a particular precinct actually go to vote.
closed primary
A ____________ is a party nominating election in which only declared party members are allowed to vote.
political action committee
A ___________ is the naming of a candidate who will seek election for a public office.
The _____________ is a party nominating election in which any qualified voter can participate.
open primary
A ___________ is a special interest group that seeks to influence elections and affect public policy decisions.
political action committee
Elections in which candidates are not identified by party labels are known as ________________.
exercised simultaneously by the National and the State Governments.
Concurrent powers are those that are
Necessary and Proper Clause
States must honor the legality of one another's civil laws because of the
the power to license doctor
Which of the following in an expressed power of the National Government?
the Full Faith and Credit Clause.
Citizens who commit a crime in one State and then flee to another State to escape prosecution are to be
an equal number of representatives for every State.
The Constitution requires the National Government to guarantee
a concurrent power
The power of the National Government to coin money is
recognition of State constitutions as the supreme law of the land
Which of the following is NOT among the obligations that the National Government has to the States?
Local government is a subunit of State government.
What statement about local government is accurate?
Supremacy Clause
In the case of McCulloch v. Maryland, what was the Supreme Court ruling based upon?
State laws and court decisions must generally be honored by other States.
The Full Faith and Credit Clause of the Constitution provides that
Funds given to a State by the National Government with special conditions attached are examples of
Most single-issue parties have been
is composed of parties with special interests.
A multi-pary system
The members of a minor party tend to support the platform of a major party.
Which statement does NOT describe one type of minor party?
voluntarily, because they made a personal choice.
People belong to a particular political party
are generally loosely tied to the national committee.
The State party organizations
the party media consultants
Which of the following is NOT one of the three main elements of the major parties in terms of the roles of their members?
based on personal choice.
Membership in either of the two major parties is
one party controlled Congress whine the other controlled the presidency.
The era of one-party domination that began in 1968 was different from past eras of one-party domination
The President heads one of the major parties.
Which of factor does NOT add to the decentralization of both major parties?
nominating candidates for office.
insuring the good performance of their elected candidates.
providing a mechanism for the conduct of government.
The functions of the major parties in United States politics include
exists in nearly all dictatorships today.
A one-party system
party independents
The two major parties have members who take all of the following roles EXCEPT
identify with neither political party.
An increasing number of Americans today
nominations set real limits to the choices voters can make in general elections.
The nominating stage is important in the electoral process mostly because
are generally required by State law for nominating minor party candidates.
Petitions to nominate candidates
raising hands at public meeting.
Voters are asked to complete election ballots in all of the following ways EXCEPT
it allows candidates to make themselves known to the public.
Money is an indispensable campaign resource because
The oldest form of the nominating process in the United States is
make sure that only qualified people vote.
The purpose of poll watchers is to
They can raise funds only presidential and congressional campaigns.
Which of the following statements about PACs is false?
A person or group can contribute unlimited funds to a political campaign.
Which of the following is NOT legal under the current federal presidential campaign financing laws?
only declared party members may vote.
In a closed primary
to maintain honest and free elections at all levels.
The detailed provisions of federal election laws are important
The smallest geographic unit for conducting an election is a
party-column ballot
Which of the following ballots tends to encourage straight-ticket voting?
people who cannot raise the money are denied a chance to be elected.
The biggest drawback of the need for large amounts of money of campaign is that
unlimited contributions by PACs to any one federal candidate.
All of the following are loopholes in the current federal election laws EXCEPT
The Constitution gives the power to set date for holding congressional elections to
television advertisements
The most expensive item in a typical campaign budget is
setting the maximum amount a candidate may contribute to his or her own campaign.
The Federal Election Commission enforces laws in each of the following areas EXCEPT
Powers denied the National Government
What label should appear at the place marked by the letter D?
Concurrent powers
What label should appear at the place marked by the letter C?
the letter D.
The label Powers reserved to the States belongs at the place marked by
Which party was in power during the period 1969-1977?
How many times between 1901 and 1997 did power transfer from Republicans to Democrats?
Which party was in power during the period of 1961-1969?
public funding of federal campaigns
What practice is the subject of the cartoon?
presidential candidates
The pigs depicted in the cartoon represent
federal matching funds for presidential candidates.
The pigs are eating