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membranous sac enclosing the heart


nearest point to the earth in the orbit of a heavenly body


nearest point to the sun in the orbit of a heavenly body


whole outer boundary or measurement of a surface or figure


branch of dentistry dealing with diseases of the bone and gum tissues supporting the teeth


traveling about; itinerant


adj. 1. on the outside boundary; outside or away from the central part - 2. only slightly connected with what is essential; merely incidental


n. device that can be attached to or used with a computer, such as a keyboard, monitor, printer, or scanner


expressed in a roundabout way; circumlocutory


instrument permitting those in a submarine a view ("look around") of the surface


wavelike contraction of the walls of the intestines, which propels contents onward


1. row of columns around a building or court - 2. the space so enclosed


inflammation of the membrane lining the abdominal cavity and surrounding the organs within it

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