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The content of most early magazines consisted largely of:

Political commentary and argument

An example of a media chain is:


As an element of news, the term "proximity" means:

How close is it to the story?

It is the ______ that makes literary journalism a rich storytelling format.

adapted fictional techniques?

Literary journalists use facts and literary techniques to tell a story. They also ____ the facts for us.

Put facts in literary context

The New Yorker magazine was rare in that it became profitable only 3 years after it launched. The initial investment came from:


When Harold Ross launched The New Yorker, he followed which model to compete with radio:

The model of a definable, target loyal audience

_____ is the singular giant of the 20th century magazine publishing industry.

Henry Luce

About 80 percent of early advertisements covered three subjects: land sales, transportation announcements, and runaway slaves.


According to myth analysis, most ads are composed of mini-stories involving conflict between people or values.


Adolph Ochs and his newspaper, the New York Times, showed the power of the American people to choose fact over fiction and to search for the truth in newspapers.


Advertising executive David Ogilvy created a brand identity for ______ by using a wealthy English baron in a luxurious setting.

Hathaway shirts

Although there are about fourteen thousand ad agencies in the United States, the trend is toward mega-agencies.


An early 20th century business challenge for the magazine industry was to fight the image that magazines were only for the elite.


An example of a magazine that was conceived as online-only is:


Before the 1830's there was little need for advertising in America because there were few goods available for sale and virtually no consumer market.


Ben Day sold his newspaper, the New York Sun, for ______.


By the end of the nineteenth century, some magazine cover prices actually went down - from thirty-five cents to ten cents.


For many years, Reader's Digest has been the most popular magazine in the world.


Historically, "objectivity" became valuable for newspapers and journalists because:

it distinguished the facts from opinionsl

How do advertisers direct targeted ads to specific website visitors?

Through cookies, online surveys, ad impressions, click-throughs, mobile phones

In advertising, _____ select and purchase the media outlets that are best suited to help a client's ad reach the target audience.

media buyers

In an effort to attract more viewers, the four major TV networks have reduced the number of commercials aired during prime time.


Internet advertising, while not yet bringing in as many dollars as television ads, is that fastest-growing advertising market.


Magazines were America's first national mass medium.


Muckraking journalists exposed corruption and abuses in the oil, meatpacking, and patent medicine industries.


News is a report on change.


One of Cyrus Curtis's strategies for reinvigorating the Saturday Evening Post was to:

romanticize american virtues through words and pictures (Norma Rockwell

One of the benefits of online advertising is that it tends to protect the privacy of consumers who use the internet.


Patent medicines marketed in the 1880s were generally harmless, since they consisted mostly of flavored water.


Product placement is a an advertising strategy that puts products into movies, television shows, and video games


Some of the first American advertising agencies were space brokers, who bought space in newspapers and sold it to their clients.


Some of the most influential magazines of the nineteenth century were targeted at women.


Specialized magazines outside the mainstream publish information and viewpoints for readers not served by other media channels.


Specialized magazines were published in America throughout the nineteenth century.


Split-run editions allow national magazines to tailor ads to different geographic areas.


TV Guide became so popular because

it was specialized

TV Guide succeeded, in part, because it was readily available at the nation's supermarket checkout lines.


The AARP Bulleton and AARP: The Magazine have the largest circulation of any US magazines.


The Ad Council produces public service announcements (PSAs) at no cost to the client.


The New Yorker was the first city magazine aimed at a national upscale audience.


The Saturday Evening Post continued the muckraking tradition - especially by criticizing business corruption - into the 1920s.


The average magazine contains about 50 percent ad copy and 50 percent editorial material.


The first colonial magazines published by Andrew Bradford and Benjamin Franklin enjoyed instant success and continued for several years.


The first magazines were edited for the working classes.


The high price of such consumer products as designer jeans and breakfast cereal can be attributed primarily to:

Advertising costs

The inverted pyramid style of writing traces its origins to _____.

The Civil War

The magazine industry continues to shun the Internet because of its threat to printed journals.


The public became increasingly cynical about advertising in the late 1890s and early 1900s because

Many patent medicines made outrageous claims about what they could cure

The typical consumer magazine distributes far more copies through newsstand sales than through subscriptions.


The word magazine comes form the French term magasin, meaning "storehouse."


Though they resemble newspapers, supermarket tabloids are considered a type of magazines.


To avoid offending readers, Sports Illustrated does not publish investigative articles.


Until Playboy entered the marketplace, most large-circulation magazines were targeted at women.


Webzines such as Salon and Slate have opened new doors for online journalism.


Which magazine was the foremost outlet for photojournalism in the mid-twentieth century?


Who wrote History of the Standard Oil Company, first serialized in McClure's magazine?

Ida Tarbell

With 6 million monthly unique visitors, ______ is currently the leading online magazine.


Women's magazines, such as Good Housekeep and Women's Day, survived the competition for ad dollars better than general-interest magazines like Life and Look.


Yellow journalism got its name from _____.

Cartoon character named The Yellow Kid

______ launched The New York Sun as the first non-partisan newspaper that the "common man" would want to read.

Ben Day

As a result of a cursed by Elizabeth Bok (Ladies Home Journal), the_____ was formed in 1914 to protect consumers form deceptive advertising practices.


Ben Day was the first newspaper publisher to widely acknowledge that advertising was a crucial element to the success of his newspaper.


Classified adverting has historically accounted for ½ to 1/3 of all newspaper advertising and most newspapers are struggling to make up that lost revenue.


During the Civil War, Harper's Weekly sent artist to draw pictures of battles and published in them in their magazines, leading the way for storytelling that went beyond words.


Four general subject areas for magazines in the 19th century were: women's issues, social crusades, fostering the arts, and political commentary.


Literary journalism is the third way to tell a story.


Neutrality in reporting was a result of newspaper owners being fed up with the political process.


One societal concern about advertising being in the hands of only a few big agencies is that they will set the norms for acceptable behavior and will create/reinforce stereotypes.


The early magazine industry provided a well-paying job for American authors.


Trademarks and packaging are a way that advertisers differentiate their client' products in the marketplace.


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