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Which picture element is changed when you edit a raster image?
You are working on the draft of a logo. You are trying to decide wheather to flatten the image or leave the document as a layered file until your client has approved the logo. What should you use if you anticipate future changes?
Leave the document as a layered file for any future edits or changes
Which method enables you to scale and roate an image?
Choose Edit > Transform
The design principle that divides and image into nine equal parts-3 rows, 3 columns-and places the area of emphasis at one of the intersections?
Rule of Third
In accordance with the U.S Copyright Act of 1976 and its current ammendments, you must have permission of the original artisit to use an image. Excluding images which are obtained using the fair Use Act, at which point is an image copyright protected?
Once the image is produced in some form
Which images would be most appropriate when selecting images for a national health club chain developing a marketing plan to increase enrollement?
images of athletic and toned model
Which two changes will usually make text more readable? (Choose two.)
- Increasing the font size
- Using a darker font color
You are designing a trsparent graphic. Which format is most appropriate so your rile can be imported into InDesign and printed clearly
Maintain a high- resolution file without the background and save the file as a Photoshop (.psd) file
What is one key feature to adjust when taking photos in enviroments with different lighting?
What is another term for raster graphics?
What resolution will the image(s) be saved at when using the Save for Web option?
72 dpi
Which would benefit most from applying a photo filter to an image?
Correcting a poor white balance
Which tool is most efficient for creating an outline of a ball?
Elliptical marquee tool
Which two are related to the design principle of movement? (Choose two.)
- Repetition
In order to keep the SAME file size (pixel dimensions) wheny ou change the document size or resolution of an image you must have resampled checked.
On which panel would you find the ability to change the blending mode of a Layer?
Layer Panel
You must resize an image and increase the number of pixels. Which command enables you to change the number of pixels in an image resize?
Resample Image
Which policy allows the use of copyrighted material on a website without first getting persisson from the author or copyright holder
Fair Use Art
Which menu option is selected to change the color the color mode of an image?
Image > Mode
To set the anti- aliasing for text to Crisp that would you click
Window > Charcter Click drop-down menu for Anti-aliasing and set it to Crisp
Which sitation is most efficiently resolved using the color burn blending options?
Darkening the base color to reflect the blend color by increasing the contrast
Which three elements should be identified for every task on a project plan? (Choose three.)
-Due Date
-Estimated Hours
While preparing images for a global audience which design concept should you take into consideration?
Cultural differences
What function does the Magic Wand tool, the Lasso tool, and the Rectangular Marquee Tool have in common?
Right-click the top layer and select "Enable Layer Mask"
Which three are best practices related to making color corrections with Photoshop? (Choose three.)
-Use adjustments layers
-Work with a calibrated and profiled monitor
-Touch up an image (remove dust spots,scratches, etc.) before making color corrections
To mesasure an object in the image area you would select
Analysis > Ruler Tool and Window > Measurement Log
What is the most effective way to save snapshots of different versions of a graphic to show a client ?
use Layer Comps
Which two phrases would indicate an appropriate level of planning on a Photoshop project plan? (Choose two.)
-Testing will conducted by...
-Design will involve...
You creating a graphic for a web page. You need to maintain a transparent background using a matte color. You have turned off the visibility of the background layer.
Choose File > Save for Web > and then select GIF
What should you take into consideration when preparing images for an educational audience of students ages five through eleven?
Weather the images are age appropriate
Which color mode is most commonly used for displaying color images on a computer monitor?
Which two items are required in a Photoshop project plan?
-Content purpose
-Project scope
Under what in the menu bar would you be able to apply HDR toning to an image?
Image > Adjustments > HDR Toning
When is obtaining permission to use a copyrighted image NOT required?
when using images to develop design skills
You are working on a design in which the client has suggested fonts for use to use. You, as the designer, believe the fonts are unattractive for the design. What should you do?
Raise your concerns about the font choices and present alternative suggestions.
What color mode gives you access to the greatest number of Photoshop features for editing?