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Elvis Presley

from memphis tenn; blues and gospel roots; "king of rock and roll"

British invasion

begin with beatles; includes rolling stone, kinks, dave clark five, gerry and pacemakers etc. listened to blk artist


british invasion; most influential band. "fab four"

Haight Asbury

San fran. area. spawned hippie/drug subculture


high point of hippie culture. 300,000 ppl gathered to hear 30 bands

Cesar Chavez

leader of brown pwr movt. founded untied farm workers

American Indian Movt.

dramitize their cause. AIM took over wounded knee creek

Enviro. Protection Agency

founded during nixon admin. enforcing clean air act- toxic from factories and automibles. and the Water quality Improv.- pay for damage to envior. EPA protects by banning hunting

Vietnam War

fought as cold war

Gulf of tonkin resoultion

gave pres. johnson blank check to fight south bu communist north. Based on domino principle

Ho chi Minh

leader of communist north; died 1973

Operation rollling thunder

johnson, sec. of deffense robert and gen. willam believed massive war would end war quickly

Tet office

turning point in us invovl. with vietnam

My lai incident

killing 300 civilans by us " search AND DESTROY". william chrged with murder

Bombings in cambodia and laos

nixon orderd to wipe out supplies. escaltion of war- making war bigger. " peace movt." result in protest marches and card burnings

Kent state killings

four students killing during anitwar protest


gradual reduction in us strength. "nixon doctorine"

Pentagon papers

published by ny times. secret govt. docuementing mistakaes and deceptions." leaked- turned over" Daniel Ellsberg

War pwr act

passed by nixon veto. Required presidents to report to congress within 48hrs after taking military action.

Paris peace accord

signed between us and north vietnam. both sides lay dwn there arms. us withdraw all troops. us contribute to reconstruction

Fall of saigon

south vietnam was taken over. ford tried to get funds from congress. Fall of south vitenam marked lowest point

26th admen.

18yr. old right to vote

Radio in 1950s

soap operas


lauched by sovit union. first satellite to orbit earth


to promote oversee exploration in space

National defense education act

granted million of dollars to public schools

Space programs

russia- yuri; first amer. in space- allen b. shepard


1940s apple2


texas instruments

Silicon valley

san fran. computer chip

Color television

widespread 1960

Mirowave technology

reduced cooking time

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