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TH Command Group Points

Flashcard set created by James W. Ochi MD Jue Yin-Shao Yang is derived from mesoderm denoted by red dots.
TH Ting
TH1 Metal (Ulnar side of base of nail of 4th digit.)
TH Ying
TH2 Water (Dorsum of hand distal to 4th and 5th MCP joints about 1/2 cun proximal to web margin at dorsal-palmar skin junction.)
TH Shu
TH3 Wood (Dorsum of hand in depression proximal to 4th and 5th MCP joints.)
TH Jing
TH6 Fire (Phase point. Posterior antebrachial region, 3 cun proximal to dorsal wrist crease on line connecting TH4 and tip of olecranon.)
TH10 Earth (Sedation point. Posterior cubital region in center of depression 1 cun proximal to tip of olecranon with elbow flexed.)
TH Yuan
TH4 Wood (On dorsum of carpus on dorsal wrist crease between tendons of extensor digitorum and extensor digiti minimi.)

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