singular possessive nouns practice

fox's tail
the tail of the fox
the child's pet
the pet that the child has
Jose's job
the job that Jose has
the poodle's name
the name of the poodle
the fox's teeth
the teeth of the fox
Eliza's shoes
the shoes that Eliza owns
my friend's rabbit
the rabbit my friend has
the hen's chicks
the chicks that the hen had
the boy's voice
the voice of the boy
Roberto's work ethic
the work ethic that Roberto has
the platypus's eggs
the eggs of a platypus
Jazmin's intelligence
the intelligence that Jazmin has
a bus's comfortable seats
comfortable seats on a bus
the mouse's cheese
the cheese for the mouse
Julie's persistance
the persistance that Julie has
the diary's binding
the binding on the diary
Jaguar's jersey
the jersey that Jaguar owns