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Hall of Fame

Micheal Oher

Ravens RT #74

Brett Favre

Vikings QB #4

Adrian Peterson

Vikings RB #28

LaDainian Tomlinson

Chargers RB #21

Ray Lewis

Ravens LB #52

Ray Rice

Ravens RB #27

Peyton Manning

Colts QB #18

Eli Manning

Giants QB #10

DeSean Jackson

Eagles WR #10

Joe Flacco

Ravens QB #5

Darren Sharper

Saints FS #42

Drew Brees

Sains QB #9

Ben Roethisberger

Steelers QB #7

Derrick Mason

Ravens WR #85

Ed Reed

Ravens FS #20

Demarcus Ware

Cowboys OLB #94

Randy Moss

Patriots WR #81

Tom Brady

Patriots QB #12

Larry Fitzgerald

Cardinals WR #11

Kurt Warner

Cardinals QB #13

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